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Emissions Catalyst Damaging Misfire multiple cylinders


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2017 22MXZ. 410

1st launch after picking up from dealer for service. Oil change, spark plugs change, transmission and v-drive fluid change, etc. 

When I run between 2000 and 3000 RPM, I get 

Emissions Catalyst Damaging Misfire errors on cylinders 1, 3, 5, and 6. It didnt happen at over 3000 RPM, so it wasn't until mid-day, when I was pulling into party cove, that the error occurred. Every time I ran between 2 and 3K RPM, while headed back to the launch, I would get these errors. 

Dealer is closed until Tuesday. Anyone think it's safe to run as long as I keep it under 2000 or over 3000, where the errors don't occur?




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Check plug torque to make sure there all tight, check all the plug wires, watch your temp, make sure you have top tier premium gas.

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Seems odd that it happened right after the service, if it isn't related. Temp, oil pressure, and oil levels are all fine. 

I don't have a torque wrench on the boat, but the wires felt ok, and appeared to be plugged into the correct plugs. I'll check the torque on the plugs this morning. 

I only fill it with the highest octane, ethanol free, gas that I can find, and always fill it back up at the end of the day. It lives in a climate controlled shop unless it's on the water. 

Forgot to include that they changed out the impeller too. I can't see how that would be related, though.

Super odd how it only happens at mid-range RPM. Makes me wonder if the plugs aren't correctly gapped, or something along those lines. 

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Make sure your coil harness connectors are properly connected on those cylinders.  Disconnect them then reconnect them to make sure they are fully seated.  You could remove and inspect the spark plugs to see if they are wet with fuel or gapped correctly.  They should be CYFS-12FP plugs at 0.044 gap.  You could swap the plugs from the affected cylinders to different cylinders to see if the codes change or stay the same to narrow down the problem.

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  • 9 months later...

What plugs are required for this engine?  We have the same boat and I just had the same code come up. I haven't had the plugs changed yet, based on this thread it sounds like it might help.  

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  • 10 months later...

I don't have any answer as to what caused it, but after multiple trips to the dealer, they finally put a scope down.  Both cats were shot. 

Two new cats later, I've had no further problems. 

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