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Windshield support strut loose.

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Any ideas on how these are accessed?    The port side one is loose where it attaches to the hull.    I had a real quick look inside the storage area but could not see anything obvious.   

Thought I would seek some previous experience before I start taking things apart.   

Thanks TMCl



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Your info shows a 2011 LSV, but the pic shows what appears to be an older boat. On my 2010 LSV the strut bases were through screwed using standard “wood type” screws. I got tired of messing with mine, so like almost every other same type screw they were replaced with 1/4” x 20 SS machine screws, washers and nyloc nuts. I have done the same thing on my 2019 to keep the screws from shredding stuff under the seats and in the storage compartments.   :Frustrated: The combing pads will have to come off to access the screws. The pads should have bolts epoxied to the back side with exposed nuts and fender washers holding everything on, on the inside of the observers compartment. On the drivers side the bottom nut was exposed and I had to fish around above the sub panel to get the other one as I recall. 

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Word of caution, do not use a ratchet on the nuts for the combing pads or you will rip the studs out of the epoxy and or off of the pads. If the combing pad nuts keep loosening up on you, if you don’t want to use nylocs you will want to use standard lock washers or star lock washers and a nut driver to tighten them to get the job done. 

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This was on a 2002 I refurbished.   Yea the panels come off to access those screws.   On my boat they used automotive style pins.  The plastic ones. I used an auto Upholstry tool to pop them off.  
The windshield supports we’re screwed into the fiberglass.   I had to drill new holes to get the proper support.  

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I have a 2007 Malibu VTX and I can't seem to find how to get those panels off, to tighten the windshield strut.....are the nuts under the carpet? How many are there? My loose strut is on the driver side of the boat.

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