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buying 2021 T22


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So, I am about to guy a nice new T22. I can't find anything online with details about the boat. Everything seems to be so vague. The dealer doesn't have anything in the showroom right now. 

I am just looking for small details about the setup/configuration.

I know there are 2 hard tanks sub floor in the stern corners. Where is the 3rd tank located?

Why is there no storage under bow seats if there is no ballast tank/bag there?

How long does it take to fill the ballasts?

Is there something on the dash that lets us know how full the ballasts are? Like in percentages.

Can you fill the starboard more than port in situations where the boat is unevenly weighted? Or vice versa.

Pump and fuse locations for the ballast pumps is also of interest to me.


Thanks for all your help

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I'll try to answer your questions as best I can based on my 2018 T22 (I don't think there have been any major changes since then)

The 3rd tank is located in the center (midship) and runs laterally across the boat right below the driver's feet.

Not sure I understand what you mean by no storage under the bow seats... The batteries are located in the bow under the center cushion.  The front triangle cushion and side cushions have space below them, but if you plan on surfing, I highly recommend installing a bow bag.

Ballast fill times are dependent upon the size of your PNP bags.  On my 2018, the fill times are a little slow, (never timed it) but it's a good time to let the sunscreen soak in and make way to wherever you want to start your activities.

There are no ballast level indicators on the Axis boats.  The ballast pumps are all controlled independently, so you can fill any of them to whatever fill level you desire.

The fuse location for the ballast pumps is not ideal.  They are located under the dash and are a real pain to get to.  At least on my boat, the fuse cover for the ballast pumps is trapped, so you can't remove it easily.  Instead, I have to hold it out of the way with one hand while working with the other.  I feel like a contortionist when I have to access the fuses.  I would remove it permanently, but it also identifies what each fuse is...

Ballast pumps are located in a number of places.  Rear fill pumps are located next to the V-drive.  Rear drain pumps are located in the lockers behind the bags.  All other pumps are located under the floor and accessed by the center access cover.

My boat has been a great boat thus far.  No complaints, but I do wish it had a larger fuel tank!


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Thanks for the informative answer. you have answered all questions.

I haven't asked for any PNP bags, so I guess I might have some room under bow seat for my anchor? No videos I have found ever showed what was under bow seats, so I just assumed there is no room there. Usually if there is storage space they highlight it. I have looked up wakemakers PNP upgrades, but they don't mention anything for the bow. Any idea where to find that one?

Is it easy enough to access the pumps and replace impellers when needed, or is that also a circus act?

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Wakemakers has a bow bag.  I have it, and it fits really well.  https://www.wakemakers.com/axis-hiflo-pnp-front-factory-ballast-upgrade.html

The pumps are easy enough to access.  I've had to pull the ones under the center access cover a few times in order to clear debris, and besides being a little cramped for space, it's not too bad.

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I see. And when I install this bow bag, I assume I lose all storage under bow seats? I really like keeping an anchor under the foremost seat. I rarely use the anchor, but when I need it it is usually an emergency as in the boat stopped working.  I suppose i just have to wait until next spring and see if I even need the extra ballast.

You have been very helpful, thank you.

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6 minutes ago, jimmsch said:

i think the PnP plumbing is included, but I don't think the bags are.

The plumbing is an option. If ordering a boat, make sure it’s selected. If buying a stock boat, make sure it was selected. A lot dealers don’t include the bags as part of their dealer prep.

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Put your anchor in the storage compartment in front of the observers seat. It improves the surf wave to have extra weight in there, so that’s a perfect place for it.

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I second formerathlete's suggestion on storage location.  I keep 150 lbs of lead in that location.  You'll want the bow bag if you surf.  As others have said make sure it comes with PnP..  

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The PnP is checked. The anchor has to be readily accessible, like the throw cushion. It is only used when the boat is disabled, and if it gets disabled near rocks I need to throw anchor quickly. Boats get disabled...PERIOD. I have never used my throw cushion for anything else but bolster,. I have thrown my anchor more than once due to disabled boat. 

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You’ll have to get creative with anchor storage. There won’t be room in bow with PnP bag up there. It’s nearly as readily available in observers compartment, IMO. It would likely take a pretty similar amount of time to get it out in a hurry when you get into said disabled situation. If there’s a difference in anchor accessibility between bow and observers compartment, it’s maybe 10-20sec and if that’s enough to put you on the rocks, then you should have been paying better attention/acted earlier. 

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I keep the anchor in the storage right behind the drivers seat. Nothing else gets stored in there. Not because I’m worried about having to use it quickly, but just because there is plenty of storage for everything else throughout the boat and it makes it easier to access when we want to anchor and swim. Should be able to get it in the water in a matter of seconds if I absolutely need to. And at that point I’m not worried about making it to the bow. I’m just throwing it in right off the side to get us stopped, for whatever reason, and then I’ll adjust later if needed. I think you’ll find there are plenty of options and plenty of storage for everything in the boat.

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Picked up a 2020 T22 this spring and have loved it! Congrats on the purchase. I put over 100 hours on mine this summer. Looks like all your questions got taken care of but let me know if there are more. Happy to help!


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I have a 2020 T22. Above the engine is a big plastic tray the fits my anchor with line and throw cushion for quick access. My boat has a bow bag, center bag, rear tanks and bags. the fill time is just 5 minutes or so on the rear and very quick on the front. You will want all of the ballast options. It really gives you control of your wave shape. I'm learning daily about setup of the wave. Number of people in the boat, wind, chop, ballast, prop all make the wave change. If you watch some Malibu/Axis you-tubes you'll get some setup suggestions. Malibu says to weight evenly in the rear when using Surf Gate and Wedge. I've felt that to work best so far. GET THE M6!!! I love the power! :) If you are ordering it I woud get all of the goodies (Underwater lights, docking lights, heater, seat height riser, additional tanks, tower lights). I've not had good luck with adding these on later and keeping gelcoat from getting cracked up.  

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Thanks for all the replies. LOL @ Parker. If I could afford all of that I'd get a Malibu :) I will have to settle for the M5Di, with only the necessary options ticked. Of course necessary options always include SP2. 

The dealer doesn't include the PnP bags, so I will be getting those from Wakemakers for sure. I hope the connections use the little red clip, I would hate to have to put standard hose clamps on them.

Does anybody know if the bimini covers behind the tower or do I have to buy an aftermarket extension?

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On 9/11/2020 at 11:56 AM, Texan32 said:

Enter FLUID CONCEPTS  Its a but pricey, but the fit/finish/construction/function makes it 100% worth it.  Best investment I've made on our boat so far.


On 9/11/2020 at 9:13 PM, SurfNAZ said:

Same here

Same here, just installed on my 2017 A24.  Here are before and after pics.



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