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2021 Malibu 21MLX or 2021 SuperAir Nautique 210

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We are looking to buy our first boat pretty soon. I know this is a Malibu forum but was wanting some honest opinions on which boat is "better". We need to stick with a 21' for towing and mooring reasons. We would be most likely ordering one in the next month or two. Everyone is out of stock around us. Is this "too much boat" for a first boat? Thank you.

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Either way you go, you're working with AWS so that's a great thing. They don't have either boat in stock, as you've said, but see if you can demo any they may get in the next couple months. They'll bring wetsuits if needed in October. The challenge will be finding an incoming boat that's not already spoken for, since demoing a custom build isn't likely to happen.

I've been impressed with a friend's 2020 21 VLX wave for 21 footer, so would assume the MLX has a comparable wave. Can't speak to the wakeboard wake though.

How much boat to get is a question only you can answer. There's folks on here who've worked their way up from 10hp outboards and there's folks who've just jumped in with their first boat being a new wake boat.

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Thank you! We had initially ordered a 2021 Yamaha 212XD jet boat since we don't do a huge amount wake surfing. Just trying to decide on all that is out there. Are the V-drives comfortable for cruising? I am guessing that is what we will be doing 70% of the time.


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Honestly, I am biased to Malibu but I can't believe those two boats would be in a side by side comparison.  Only reason is, I see the MLX as a price point entry boat to a Malibu.  I don't see that with a 210 but I guess we are here...  Here are the reasons why I would choose the Malibu: Consistent, reliable wave/wake; the dash ease of use; the ability to customize a lot by custom ordering.  Now for the Nautique: Fit and finish; walk-over transom; luxury feel

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Welcome to Malibu Crew   When I was looking for our 1st boat we decided on a two year old boat.  I had never owned a boat before and expected that I would make a few mistakes along the way.  Which anyone new to boats including myself would do.  Maneuvering shallow waters, Docking, Loading and Unloading from the trailer, etc...  Plus we did not know exactly what we wanted.  Saved on initial investment we picked one that we thought would fit our needs after much research and testing.  We discovered after that 1st boat that our family really like boating and what our real wants and needs were.  Then placed a custom order boats after that.  

While buying a brand new boat is lots of fun.  May I suggest you demo many different brands of boat.  Then look for a nice lightly used boat a couple years old.  Learn boating on that boat.  See if this is what you expected.  Save a few $$ and have fun.  

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I would like to demo a few bit nobody has anything in stock. Everything that is coming in is sold already it seems. That's what we were thinking with the Yamaha is that we would keep it for a year or two and then trade up into something else. I would just hate to take a big loss if we didn't need to. Everyone at Active Water Sports has been awesome to work with as well as River City Boats. It's just a crazy year with inventory and demand. We may have the opportunity to go out on the Nautique later this week. What is your opinion of the newer Yamaha boats? I know this isn't the forum for them but maybe someone has come from those boats. Thank you all for the responses, it really helps.

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7 hours ago, JasonK said:

Malibu has a better goofy surf wave... :)


With the 17” props on the newer boats, the regular is as good as the goofy. Atleast that’s how it is on my 2020 23 MXZ. 

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We had friends who had to return their Yamaha jet boat because the intake kept clogging up with weeds. If you are boating in a weedy lake, Yamaha is not your first choice. They purchased a Malibu and are in love! My only experience is with Axis and Malibu so I cannot comment on the difference with the 210.

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