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2005 Malibu Response 340 Monsoon Fuel Pressure Regulator

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Hi Folks, 


I have a 340 monsoon and the boat was running good then when we shut it off between sets we were getting check engine message and the beeping alarm. What we found is that if we cooled it down and let it set for 10 and keyed motor on for say 10 seconds before starting it was fine. The boat never got hot. Fuel pressure was 62 psi when boat was happy and when it was in alarm it was at 72 surging a bit(I knew drove it when doing this) later we noticed it hesitating and pulling skier up once in a while. Plugs and wires are pretty knee and I checked plugs cap and rotor and they looked good. I was lucky enough to chat with Dennis Kelly and he thought it was the fuel pressure regulator and also told me to check the fuel pump screen and the anti syphon check valve. Anyways. Local dealer sent me fuel pressure regulator part 165 142 573 by Bosch. Now here is my question and I attached 2 pics. The new regulator has a vacuum hose on it and on the boat on rear of motor on driver side I see what I think is the fuel pressure regulator but it has no vacuum connection. It is on fuel rail by Schrader valve. So I either have the wrong part or I am looking at the wrong item. Any help here would be great!

I will try to add images in a moment!

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I am trying to post the pic and am having trouble uploading it but that would make sense why I do not see a vacuum advance on the motor. I think when I saw it was 72 PSI that is why Dennis thought it was the regulator. Any idea what the part number is?

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I did join  it that’s a different issue anyways thank you for your feedback I am trying to call dealer to get the part number and get it ordered!

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sorry, going too fast this morning.  Meant only site supporters ($) can post pics.

Good luck with the new part!  Not sure how that one attaches, but I just pulled my regulator a few weeks ago and needed some thread sealer when I screwed it down or fuel would seep past the bolt threads.

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interesting.... I also used blue loctite as a thread sealant when I assembled/upgraded the fuel water separator on my boat.

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