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Post M6 Impeller replacement, now camshaft error and limp mode

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Hello, first post here.  I so appreciate this group.  I am looking to the hive mind for thoughts on my recent boat troubles.  I have a 2020 25LSV with now 157 hours.  It has the M6di engine.  First off, I want to say that this boat is wonderful and I love it.  My dealer, TX Malibu has been very attentive with scheduled service and the most recent overheating episode.  I am not here to complain, but rather see if anyone has experienced the same situation or has ideas on something I can do myself. As an aside, I do not trailer, boat is at a marina on a lift.  I had trailers with 2 previous boats and with the charge for the storage, lack of use, etc, I decided from a hassle/money standpoint if I needed to have the boat trailered somewhere it was worth renting trailer or paying someone to do it.  

On Tuesday last week, at 154 hours, the engine overheated to about 218 degrees.  We checked the sea strainer and it was empty, I called service dept and they suggested it was probably impeller.  I had smelled burning rubber as soon as I got pulled up for surfing.  I had been reading the woes of others all summer, but I suspect because I had scheduled services on the earlier side of things I had prevented this issue.  Service came out and replaced impeller and to my knowledge installed a check valve.  Boat worked great Friday for about 20 minutes, and then I noted an occasional "slip" upon acceleration that once caused the boat to go into limp mode.  Engine temp fine, oil pressure fine, etc.  I used the boat on Saturday and basically could get one tow in after a complete start/reset but then second or third pull the boat would go into limp mode.  No engine alarms at all.  I did drain 25% of ballast all around (only 2 people aboard with one surfer) and it worked for several pulls but then the problem recurred.  

Engine diagnostics show inactive engine alarm:  SPN 7717 FMI 7 Description:  Camshaft control lost

I am not an engine gal, but I can understand what major parts are meant to do.  When I look up camshaft sensor error for cars, the description is almost identical to what was happening with my boat.  

So, is it possible that the camshaft sensor got moved/knocked loose with the impeller replacement and it would be a simple fix?  Has anyone else had this happen?  

Any ideas/thoughts/speculation is welcome.  Thanks for your time and consideration.  

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Update - service technician came out today inspected the engine, then cleared the code, boat worked for about 2 hours (1 with the tech on board) and then exact same code was thrown and boat is again not working properly under load.  Ugh.  My understanding is that once the code is thrown, even though they don't know exactly why it happened, the software will "protect" the engine and this will keep happening until the code is cleared again and the underlying problem is addressed.  No labor day boat for me.  

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2019 25 LSV here.  I had the same issue this past weekend.

Impeller replaced, ran the boat for about an 1 1/2 hours around the lake sight seeing with no issues.  The following day went surfing and experienced the same issues you described.  Under load, the motor goes back to idle but with no ballast and not pulling anything, it runs fine.

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Ah, so you are the other boat in the shop they mentioned to me.  Sounds like its a software update issue.  Hopefully the patch they install works!  Good luck!  I'll update when I get my boat back.  



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Just to close this one out (for me, hopefully!), got the boat back yesterday after either a new software update or patch was installed sent by the Malibu engineers and the boat is running fine.  Damn I love the wave so much.  



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