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Response LX owner - next boat FXI?

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While I personally would not buy a rebuilt engine, warranty or not, they can be very good.  The hotshotter I worked with for Moby Dock  just had his Ford blow up - at 800,000 kms - and he told me he would rebuild it hoping to get a quarter million more.  A properly rebuilt engine is like as good or better than factory, but how to tell?

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If it's a new long block, no problem if the builder is decent and willing to stand behind their work. My Monsoon is a replacement long block and it honks. 

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15 hours ago, jhardwood said:

Hey footndale, I am very close to closing a deal on the boat that you referenced above.  Still a little nervous about buying a boat with a rebuild in it.  Do you have any other history/experience with the seller and his rebuilds.  He seems pretty reputable, but I can also be pretty gullible.



I do not personally. Just his reputation from the ski teams in that area. Janesville and Madison team members.

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Poster i  was in your same spot looking for a ski boat after selling my MC a few months ago. I am a slalom / course skier in the 28 to 32 off lengths, no footing i like my face!! Just bought a 2012 Response TXI after getting a lot of opinions from others on the ski ability. I was in the market for a 2003 to 2006 LXI that i have skied behind for more then 10 great years. The problem is the high prices of those now old but EXCELLENT slalom boats is a bit crazy and the low bow issue catching wakes sucks. I've skied 22 to 28 off behind the 07 to 11 LXI and was disappointed in the stiff and larger wakes before. The 2012 TXI and most likely newer seems to be absolutely excellent so far after 5 or 6 runs! I hope this helps as its all subjective but i can attest that my surveys months ago were similar to what i read hear and on ski it again. 

As a update i skied 3 days ago behind a 2000 sportster at 32 off and the wake at that line length while soft is larger than the TXI which is almost not there! 


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@jhardwood - If you are still considering the boat with a rebuilt engine, I suggest you call the rebuild shop and run through a few questions to satisfy your curiosity.  Here are a few points I would consider:  1. is the long block a purchased crate engine then the rebuild shop added the accessories or did the shop do a full rebuild,  2. confirm that it has a marine long block, which means marine components such as core plugs, thermostat setup, marine approved accessories,  3. what warranties come with the engine.  GM small blocks are pretty bullet proof with the exception of human induced issues such as improper winterization, lack of maintenance. etc.

Finding boats that have decades of use that have a rebuilt engine as part of the package is most likely more common than one expects given the common failure modes are human error or caused by events not part of the engine actually having a defect.  Good luck finding your boat of choice.

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