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First time LSV buyer advice


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I am a first time Malibu buyer that is in the market for a used LSV.  I have spent some time on my friend’s 2015 23 LSV which really bit me with the surf bug.  They said they have surfed all different brands and like the Malibu best so I am trusting in their experience. 

I would love it if someone could point me at resources that lay out the important differences between the years 2015+ and the important options that I should make sure I find in the boat I buy.

I will be running only in fresh water at near 0 elevation. I want to spend as little as possible (of course), but I am willing to pay for important features. I like the idea of a boat I can keep for 10 years if well maintained and stored.

Also, any advice/resources on how to buy a used boat from a process point of view or gotchas that will help me weed out a mistake would be awesome

Excited to be a more active member of this community


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FYI, since surfing is your primary interest, you might also consider looking at Axis (made by Malibu). 

A little less money than an LSV, and a little less bling, but the quality of the wave should be comparable.

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If talking 23 LSV only - 

2014-2017 are the same hull design

2014 was a one and done dash design.  2015-2019 is all the same helm screen design.  2020 got a new update   

2016 got the Ford “raptor” motors and 1:76:1 transmissions.  

2018 was a slight redesign of the hull (assumed) and a one and done stomp pad walkover design on the rear   

2016 and up got a 5 year factory warranty.  

Lift mode for the power edge was 2015 (?) and up. 

There were other small differences (new vinyl in 2016 vs 2015, different evolutions of the G3 tower through the years, etc).  

Any base motor LSV of this era would seem to fit your needs.  Most like some bow weight for a great wave, but even without they are damn good.  

If you want info on other models just let us know.  

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I do have some family that really prefer skiing. I read the LSV did a good job there, too. Similar for the Axis?

Are the new Raptor motors (and transmission) worth making 2016 my minimum?  I figure having a year left on the warrantee (assuming I am second owner) would maybe make a 2017 my minimum now that I think about it

I have generally been thinking a 23 or 25. Not sure the difference aside from handling a couple more people. Does the 25 do a better wake?

Any particular options that are a must have?

When buying a used boat Is it the same as a car in that you have them take it to a Malibu dealer for checking it out?

Thank you,


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The 25 will surf better - it is just physics with a bigger boat and more weight.  Less bow rise on the 25 as well due to its length.  But the 23 is no slouch.  

The 2019 25LSV was an all new design.   

And yes, you can have most any dealer do an inspection of a used boat prior to purchase.  

The Raptor setup I was a fan of.  But I wouldn’t personally pass on a clean 2015 just over the motor.  The transmission ratio change from 1:5 to 1:76 may have been the bigger change.  However, I spent a lot of time in a 2014 with the base 350 motor surfing and at low elevations you are talking about we didn’t have issues.  

The Raptors run louder and in 2017 it seems Malibu added some extra sound deadening material around them and they were a bit quieter.   


There is a warranty transfer process and fee and it may run you $1500-2000 depending on dealer.  Just be aware of that and then you can decide if it is worth it for a single year.  

Options are another discussion but probably less critical on a used boat.   Many can be added later once you just decide on what boat size, motor, tower you want.  

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We have a 20 22 LSV, with the Wake not Diamond hull.  The ski wake is not very good, which you would expect from a 4,900 lb boat.  One of the crew that goes out with us skied on his college team.  At the right line length and speed it is Ok, otherwise not so much.  The first time out he jumped the wake on his wake board and landed it with a flip.  He now leaves the ski at home and just rides the wake board and surfs.  

The ski wake judgment is my opinion, not going to disagree or debate it if others chime it.  We really wanted to like the ski wake and could not get there.

We did look at a VTX before we bought the 22 LSV, it was not big enough for the groups we take out which ruled it out.  The ski wake was better but again seemed to be speed sensitive, most everyone that talks about it being good talks about at 32 MPH and at a particular line length.  Again we don't own one but the impression from a 2 hour check ride and reading the forums.

We just got our boat this season and have put 87 hours on the platform.  Family loves being on the water and are comfortable with giving up the ski wake to get the board and surf.  We have done weeks at the lake, weekend trips, and evening runs after work.  Can't say enough about the LSV being a family friendly platform, except that we are looking to move to a 23 MXZ, but that is a different thread.  :)

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