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335 monsoon won't start

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I have a 2003 wakesetter with a 335 monsoon that is fairly original. The tachometer hadn't been working for a few seasons so I thought I check the connections around the distributor cap and coil. I unplugged inspected and plug back in what I thought was the tachometer connection by the coil and now the boat won't start. I checked all the connection plugs and everything seems fine. I disconnected the battery and reconnected to see if I had tripped something. With the exception of the tachometer the boat was running beautifully. Not sure what I might have done or how to diagnose the problem. Anyone have any suggestions, your help would be much appreciated

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The plug you pulled, purple and gray wires?, attaches to the Ign. control module,  a sensitive component.  Also check the ignition/fuel inj. fuse and the engine  electrical overload red button. But doubt it's the button if engine will crank.

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while you may have bumped the safety lanyard while messing around the help i'd start here: 

if your tach issue is on a split gauge w perfect pass it's likely a gauge problem.  that fix is discussed here: 



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Tvano's post is pretty complete.  Can you give us more details like does your gauges come alive when trying to start.  Does it crank, do you hear the fuel pump spin up, have you checked your lanyard, and lastly is your boat in neutral?  Those are the biggies.

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The plug I pulled was a dual plug that connect together. The grey and purple wires on lower part of the plug and the black and red wire on the upper part of the plug. Checked the ignition/fuel inj fuse as well as the red overload button. The engine sounds like it wants to start almost as if the kill switch had been activate. Not sure were to look next. I've attached a link to view pics


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I've checked all fuses and circuit breakers. Also tried starting without the kill switch and the engine does not turn over when kill switch is pulled. 

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Double check the connection to the coil and the distributor.  From what you are describing it all powers up except the spark?

you could pull a wire off a spark plug, roll back the boot, and see if it will spark on the block while someone turns the key?  Need to verify that you have spark. 

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Hi everyone, thanks for all your help. It's great to have the Malibu Forum.  I rechecked all the connections and pulled one of the plugs to check for spark. As I am checking for spark it not only spark but fires up. Not sure where the original problem was. Nothing seemed loose or warn. As I am not technical enough to know i wonder if the shorting might have reset something. If anyone has knowledge around what might have happen I'd love to hear your feedback. And yes I realized that I might just be a really bad DIY. Again thank you ... the sun is out and I'm going boating thanks to this forum. Cheers all

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Glad it is working.  For 2 years I chased a no start condition on occasion.  After replacing my 3 relays and oil pressure sensor (I also was getting a false low oil pressure msg) I haven't had a problem. 

Happy boating!!

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