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Malibu vs Go Surf Assist Patent case won by Malibu.

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As all these aftermarket surf companies begin to grow it’s only time before Malibu starts going after them.  Especially in the case of GSA where it’s absolutely blown up in the last few years. 

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Win the first one, send cease and desist letters to the rest.  Can't imagine that any aftermarket surf device company has made enough profits to spend even a fraction of the several hundred thousand it would take to really defend a patent suit.  Does sound like Malibu came up with a licensing deal that might allow GSA and maybe others to still sell gates and survive.  Won't surprise me though, if most of the aftermarket gate options companies drop out of the game.

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"Malibu has a record of defending patented technology like Surf Gate. In early 2015, Nautique Boat Co. agreed to license the Surf Gate technology after a dispute.

In June 2015, Malibu filed a lawsuit against MasterCraft alleging that it had infringed on Malibu’s Surf Gate patent. That case went through various legal proceedings over the course of two years, when the case was ultimately decided in favor of Malibu in 2017."


Remember when Liquid Force killed Company Wakeboards with a patent lawsuit.

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24 minutes ago, Nitrousbird said:

Malibu has every right to defend their patent.

I seen many companies who could not afford to defend a patent they held after it was stepped on by others.  I have seen it cause serious damage to the financial wellbeing of the patent holding company.  They just did not have the capital to defend. Patents exist for a reason.

Good for Malibu...

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1 hour ago, Cole2001 said:

It’s most likely because tige has started using GSA tabs for 2020. 

This seems likely.  I don't see Malibu having much interest going after DIYers (there just won't be that many of them.)  But once a mfg gets involved they didn't have a choice.  I'm sure Tige knew this would happen and I'm sure they also understood it was probably the path towards a licensing agreement.

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Technically you are infringing on the patent even if it is for your own use and not resale.  But no mfg. will spend the tens of thousands in legals fees to chase you down and seek damages.   Like my buddy made his own wakeboard tower; you think Correct Craft will sue him for infringement?? (BTW, that CC patent on towers bugs the heck out of me because I am sure I have/had an old Connelly ski/board brochure that had pics from the Keys (Bahamas?) where they  had the rope attached to the radar arch.  That would have invalidated CC's patent based on prior art.  I would have had Connelly gear for life!  LOL)

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2 hours ago, Brad B said:

I guess the "suckgate" versions don't infringe enough

I believe the patent involves automated delayed convergence.  It you want to velcro a wedge of foam to the side of your boat then you have nothing to worry about.

Edit: Actually I think I was wrong on this and it covers any delayed convergence (even if not automated.)

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