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Fix for a soft wake lip?


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I have an 2020 A24, and the wave is a monster, just a bit soft on the top. Would like more curl, and sharper lip to help with airs. Any advice where the ballast should go? Thanks. 

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The draw back to surfgate waves is they tend to lack that nice defined lip you see on something like a centurion or nautique.  For me to improve the wave lip I make sure my swim platform is not dragging in the water when surfing.  You can add bow weight to raise the platform a bit.  Other thing is to list the boat to the surf side a bit.  This will help if your surfgate is submerged to far and water is crossing the wave and adding wash to the top. 

That being said there is plenty of lip to air off of and a lot just comes down to practice practice practice.  I find the surfgate waves are a lot more forgiving since there is a wider surfable area of the wave. 

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Bump to this old thread for improving the lip for airs...i think i know the answer (bow weight and/or drain some rear non-surf-side) but always curious if there is a magical innovation out there (i already have 300 lbs lead in the observer compartment, light crew of ~3 people)

I was surfing a Mastercraft X24 this weekend and my airs suddenly got much better and the lip "felt" like it played a part.  Its certainly not a fair comparison as the X24 is heavier, has more water ballast, and buddy runs 1000 lbs of lead, so its likely a 2000 lbs displacement difference...and its 2x the price of my 2019 A24.

that said, I plan to toy with it some, mostly curious from TMC crowd how much time to invest - if no one has ever approached the lip firmness of tab-based brands (MC, Centurion, etc) with a Surf-gate boat, then i'll toy briefly but not worry much as its just me getting greedy.  My boat makes plenty of wave for fun and the surf-gate wave certainly has benefits in simplicity and surfable area that we like, especially for a learning crowd.

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