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SMP trailer question/advice


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I am new to the Crew and a new Malibu owner this summer. We found a pristine '99 Sunsetter LXi in late July and are thrilled...

The included trailer is the original SMP single axle. My concern is the vertical alignment of the wheels. Both sides are symmetrically canted so that the load rides on the inside of the tire tread. The seller replaced wheels and tires as part of our deal and the old tires have much higher wear on the insides of the treads.

Any thoughts? We don't trailer a lot, typically under 2 hours a few times a season. Thanks in advance.

Photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hs61g9zay0ehsuf/AABxhbnhEWyzlmtZdNwBH-Ypa?dl=0

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Probably needs the leaf springs re-arched (although it's probably easier to just replace them.)  My local farm store has them in stock and they are less than $50/side.

Worst case scenario is the axle is slightly bent.  You can have these straightened but for how little it sounds like you will trailer it's a non-issue.  Your tires will rot before you wear them out with mileage.

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I have a dual axle SMP.  Most SMP owners will agree it was best for them to get out of the boat trailer business.  I don't have any wear issues, but my trailer use is 2 miles each way at a max of 45 MPH.  Other other times is an extra couple of miles to get gas when I don't use the gas cans at a max of 50MPH.  I also do one to two (usually one) trips a year where it is a 7 hour one-way trip, mostly doing 70-75 MPH.  I would say my current tires probably have 6000 - 7000 miles on them (they and about 8 years old) with no uneven tread wear.

They used UFP for most of their parts.

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6 hours ago, DrewW777 said:

north of Toronto

There's something north of Toronto?  ;)

We went to toronto once.  The waitress at breakfast explained that everything north of Toronto is "cottage country."

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48 minutes ago, justgary said:

The waitress at breakfast explained that everything north of Toronto is "cottage country."

And everything  east is the darned Frenchies; west of the GTA, there be dragons.

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Local shop inspected today and quoted $700 for a new axle with bearings and 4 hours to re and re. A bit more than I hoped but not in the context of the boat value...


Thanks for the input.

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