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2008 Malibu VRide buying advice needed!

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Looking at an 08 vride with 350 hours.  Owner is asking 30k. Exterior and trailer in great shape.  Interior is in great shape just sunburned seats.  
Is this a good deal?

Also during test ride, boat ran extremely well  until one of engine intake hoses came off. Boat took on water and engine was going into low power mode I think.  It wouldn’t go over 20 mph. 

Owner is going to have boat inspected To ensure everything is ok.  Should I still consider or walk?  Thanks!

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An 08 Vride (21’) is the last year they used the SV23 hull....09+ Vrides (21’) went to V25 hull.  What’s  your goals with the boat...if it’s surfing that hull is def capable but takes ALOT of weight. It’s a great wakeboarding boat and decent ski wake. If it’s clean and low hours like Nitrous said it’s pretty good. If hoses are popping off I’d def get it inspected. 

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Thanks for the feedback.   We definitely want to surf and wakeboard and waterski.  Thought it would be a good all around boat.  Interior vinyl is in good shape -no tears but just  sun damaged and fading.  It does have low hours -350.

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I have an '07 vRide and it's been one of the best "toy" purchases I made.  For surfing it takes a lot of weight to get a decent wave.  The unweighted wakeboard wake is pretty good and when the boat is balanced there's no washout at the top of the ramp.  I haven't skied it but the wake at 32-36 looks pretty flat.  Definitely get it checked out mechanically and if it all comes out good I'd say jump on it.  

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I bought the same boat last year toward the end of the summer.  It was part of a divorce settlement... boat was in good shape with 215 hours on it.  It was my first wakeboard boat (previous boat was an 02 open bow 19' sea ray)...so I wasn't expert in what to check but since then i've been on the learning curve.

First: I paid $24k for the boat only... managed through some very good luck to find a 2011 Malibu/boatmate trailer a few hours driving distance away for $2k...putting the purchase at $26k at a time when the boat market was NOT crazy like it is now

The shape of my boat was really good at first glance -- but the middle seat in the back had a seam tear.  I went to get that replaced and decided to have all the cushions recovered by a local person who did a great job for $1k.

Mechanically -- one thing I didn't think to check during my test drive was whether all the ballast pumps were working.  After getting it home I realized 2 had to be replaced... Not a big deal at all, but I would have tried to knock a few hundy additional off if i'd have known that up front.  During this summer it did leave me stranded and needing a tow--but it ended up just being a broken rotor in the distributor cap -- so a cheap easy fix and we have 25 hours on since then.

Personally...I'm a little curious about the intake hose coming off... that sort of stuff usually doesn't 'just happen'.  Was this the first time it was run since the winterization?  I winterized mine myself last year by removing the inlet hose from the transmission and running antifreeze through the system from there...so it could just be that they didn't re-install properly...but it seems a little fishy.

Another thing I didn't notice at first: it didn't come with any boat cleats... that cost me a couple nights this spring to install and about 300$ to get the nice Gemlux pull up cleats

It's been really fun to tube behind (my kids still love tubing) and it's given me the chance to get them into wakeboarding and surfing.  Surfing has consumed most of our summer because it's so fun...but admittedly we're still dialing in the wave.  I'm in for about $1250 for boat mods (removed hard tanks in rear and replaced with 750s, added bow underseat sac, bought a mission delta 2.0 wake shaper) and we're getting close to having a wave good enough to surf without rope...  Honestly -- I'll probably replace the 750's with 1100's next year but my self imposed budget for toys has been murdered already this year so... gotta stick with what we have now.

Plenty of power in this package... I don't even know which prop I have (task for the winter to take it off and get a few knicks repaired) but it does everything we need and honestly -- for surfing so far it seems WAAAYYYY better on fuel than the reports I see from others about the newer bigger boats.  

It has been fine for us to ski behind--but we're not competition skiiers...so I don't know how bad or good it is..


@efjeld -- i'd love any specific information about your setup for surfing... what are you running for weight/shaper/board?  Thanks in advance.

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4 hours ago, holymoly10 said:

@efjeld -- i'd love any specific information about your setup for surfing... what are you running for weight/shaper/board?  Thanks in advance.

I have the same hull.  My setup, which I've posted here a few times:

- 1100's in each locker
- Sack under the port seat, approx 300lbs
- Center locker bag (~500lbs)
- Under seat bow bag (~300lbs)
- 100lbs lead stuffed in the nose, another 200 under the bow filler
- 200lbs lead at the back of the boat as needed; mine are stuffed 100 each side next to the hull behind the interior
- Floating Wedge
- Cheap suck gate

All on reversible pumps - zero exposed ballast

6'3" rider (me), no gear, driver only in the boat

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