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Plastic Tabs for Shurflo Ballast Pumps


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So...our 2019 23 LSV has Shurflo Ballast Pumps.  These guys have little blue tabs that "lock" the pump cartridge into the housing.  I had to clean out the impellers which were clogged with lake grass last week and I lost one of my little blue tabs into the bilge never to be found again.  I called Shurflo and they don't sell the tabs.  That leaves me with having to buy an entire pump housing to get a small piece of blue plastic.  While I'm not opposed to having the extra pump / cartridge on hand, I have to figure I'm not the only guy who has had this problem.  Anyone found a creative solution?  For now I just left the tab off, as it seems like "belt and suspenders", but if it backs out it's not a great outcome.....so looking for ideas.

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As a follow up, if nobody has any ideas, do you know whether the 23 LSV has the Pirahnas that are 800 GPH or 1,100 GPH, if I have to order a full pump / housing?

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A small screw and nylon bushing from the hardware store bins should do the trick(may need to file it down a bit).  


The 800 has the 3/4" outlet(same size inlet) and the 1100 have the 1 1/8" outlet.  Same cartridge in both just the different housing. 

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I would like to believe it when I say “I wouldn’t even worry about the blue tabs”. My OCD is telling me BS! 😁Honestly, The screw heads are big enough to lock the ring in place when screwed in that I wouldn't worry about it moving enough to cause a leak. Flush from front to rear with the hose it will come out eventually. 

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11 minutes ago, BigE said:

You can't go wrong having an extra pump on hand. Might even save your weekend.

Definitely. I went as far as crimping on the w/p butt connectors to the pump wires so I could do a NASCAR fast pump change if need be.

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So does anyone know if the 19 23 LSV has the 1,100 gph or the 800 gph?  Just so I order the right replacement?  The difference between the cartridge cost and the pump housing cost is minimal, so I'll buy the whole thing, but might as well get the right part?  Anyone?

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2 hours ago, Brad B said:

Replace it with the highest GPH available


The 800gph has a 3/4" outlet while the 1100gph has 1.25" (I believe). The 1100 has a bigger housing outlet.

Both the internals are the same, which I think the OP already knows.


A screw with a little plastic standoff should do the trick. Google 'plastic standoff'

Or just find some plastic in the house and get the dremel out.


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