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Does a rooster tail mean too much weight


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We were out surfing with a crew of 3, all goofy as G*d intended :).  I asked my wife to film the water coming over the top of the surfgate. You can see them at [1]. I see in several posts not to submerge the surfgate. Does this type of rooster tail mean we have too much weight? I look in the Malibu videos [2] and I see similar effects. I assume they know what they are doing. This is a 2018 MXZ with 100% in all the bags and no additional weight other than hte crew. We are running at 10.8 and the wedge is 2 down from lift.



[1] https://photos.app.goo.gl/KrHiB11aRgQ6bxcm7



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I run my surfgate much further underwater with water coming over it with a dialled in wave.  I think it really depends on the boat.  We are not sinking the rear (usually 75%/50%) and only have 1 adult and 2 small kids while we are surfing.  My boat just likes to set up that way, nose stays low, wave it long with tons of push, but I have a TON of water coming over the gate.  I pay attention to bow angle and RPMs.  I know what angle my bow should be at (I always start a little fuller in the rear than I need to be and on the first pull of the day I dump water out of the rear till the bow comes down and the RPMs hit 3600, then I know I have the wave I want.  Photo's showing my gate spraying pretty good with them pretty sunk.

As far as the roostertail... that is just a bit of camera angle.  that is the prop wash and wave convergance .  The surfside is clean, that is what you want.  



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I'll add that based on the little bit of the video it does look like too much bow rise with a really short wave but it is really hard to tell without seeing move of the wave.  Maybe post of your speed+ballast and someone with the same boat can comment on what they have found works. 

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Generally speaking as long as the wave is forming cleanly and there is no spray coming all the way over onto the wave it’s ok. We too have water coming over the gate, but like @gregtay said, you don’t want to be too rear heavy. 

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On some boats, if you are too "rear heavy" you can add weight to the bow(either fill the bow sack or add lead) to bring the bow down thus lifting the rear up a bit. That will allow you to run more weight and thus giving you a firmer meatier wave while keeping the same attitude of your boat.

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Thanks for the posts. I am glad to see others have water going over the gate. I will try dumping a bit of the water. With a driver and spotter, we tend to not have folks in the bow which means we get pretty big bow rise. 

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