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Crankshaft sensor 2007 Malibu Response

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9 hours ago, JMRanes said:

Will crankshaft sensor failure cause boat to have hesitations,  and give engine fault and service required codes?


Definitely.  The best way to diagnose that is through diacom so you can see what the ECM is thinking.

We had a Pontiac with a 3.8L V6 that had been diagnosed a few times at the local repair shop for some troubles.  At some point it started stuttering on sharp right turns and the shop "couldn't replicate."  I finally put a data recorder on it every time I drove it and saw that the ECM thought the RPM was headed to 10,000 so it started rev limiting.  The sensor was OK, so I traced the wires back and checked the connectors.  The ECM socket for crank position sensor had been spread by a tech probing with his meter.  I used a dental pick to gently reshape the socket and the problem was cured.  

Lesson learned:  If you are probing your harness or parts with your meter, don't be a gorilla and just shove the probe in a socket.  Check the socket carefully after you finish to make sure you didn't cause more trouble than you had before.

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Thanks. We have just been throwing parts at the boat and I am getting very frustrated. The boat started out with taking awhile to reach cruise setting speed, ,then hesitation under power.  Replaced the inline fuel filter which helped for a bit. Boat ran forever under 25 rpms.  Found a foreign body in injectors so cleaned and spray tested all 8.  It ran real well on test run just like new. Next day fuel pump had no pressure.  Finally found fuel pumps and filter screens.  Put them in .   Once again she ran well for 10 minutes then started with the stuttering and engine fault codes.  Replaced coil,rotor and cap.  Prior also checked all fuel sensors. I realize the 25 rpm limit is a return to dock mode the boat defaults to. I do have a great race car mechanic who is working with me so I am not going in blind.  Our last new effort was to order a crankshaft sensor which will arrive Thursday.  We have run the diagnostics on it. The inactive are all things the boat computer has told us to do. Each time it comes up with anew code. Half way wondering if the computer is having brain farts!

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I was fighting a rough running condition this season and replaced all the maintenance type item (plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter) and finally took it in. There was some type of ECM processor failure code that would not clear and we replaced the ECM. Boat is a 2008 with only 460 hours.

Don't rule out the ECM. Someone on here suggested contacting OBD Diagnostics obd2allinone.com and they can test your ECM. I decided to just replace it but will probably send it to OBD and see if they can repair.

Good luck.

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Also don't rule out the power of a poor power connection (pun intended).  Make sure that the connections at the battery are clean and tight, then do the same for the engine grounds.  Remove and inspect the Cannon plug, and gently spread the male contacts before you reinstall it.

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