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Hit a log

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Hit a log at idle in our launch cove that stopped the motor. Cleared the log restarted and surprisingly only a vary slight vibration at speed. The day was not lost until during the 3rd rider the boat came to a stop. motor ran normally but would not go into gear. I have confirmed the following:

Sheer pins on both sides of the shaft are intact and coupler and prop turn with shaft and are tight.

No normal clunk into gear with throttle. no sound at all and engine revs normally with throttle.

prop spins freely by hand 

No unusual sounds when failure happened .

I'm assuming something broke in the transmission and I need a new one. Is there any other trouble shooting that I can do to confirm this. Calling insurance Monday. 2011 VLX.



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If you have a mechanical shift cable, watch the shift lever on the transmission as someone moves the throttle handle.  Carefully inspect the shift linkage to make sure the little brass nut hasn't worn through.  The linkage should not have any play as you move the throttle handle into and out of gear.

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I will check that, however, it failed in gear at speed so I would assume it would remain in gear and not drop to neutral if the linkage failed. One can hope though.

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Checked the prop key and the coupler key. All good and tight. Shaft coupler, shaft and prop turn as one unit and is easer to spin by hand than before it failed. This leads me to believe that its internal.

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Have you actually pulled the prop to check the key or basing it on spinning the prop? There was another similar post recently and the guy also said his was good until he pulled the prop and found that it actually wasn't.

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On the long tow home in from a super nice fisherman I looked at the shaft and noticed it was spinning from the prop moving through the water. started the boat and ran it forward and in reverse with no effect on the speed of rotation. I was watching the coupler and shaft under the v-drive with a flashlight. If the problem was ether of the sheer pins or keys throttling in reverse would still spin the coupler which is bolted to the v-drive. the problem is definitely between the coupler and the motor. 

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