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TXI - Water in Floor Ski Storage Compartment

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We have a new to us 12 Response TXi since end of last season.  Boat is awesome and now that we have put some ski time on it, we have noticed a few quirks.  Keep getting water in the in-floor ski storage compartment and it does not want to seem to drain out.  Not a ton of water, but enough that it comes over the plastic mat in there.  That storage compartment has a plug that connects to what looks like a smaller in-floor beverage cooler next to it.  That cooler space also has a plug which appears to then allow drainage into the area directly under the motor or underneath that so it would move to rear or bilge area.  Under the motor there is a brass drain plug with a t-handle that goes directly out bottom of boat.  We are bone dry under the motor.  I have opened the transom plug at the rear of boat while its on the lift and its dry.  The trapped water in that locker area does not want to flow the direction it appears it should.  It stays in that storage locker area.  We have pulled out the plastic liner a few times and used a cup to scoop out the water.  We do not have water regularly coming over the bow (it has seen a few power turns).  I assume this is water draining from floor/carpet and from wet people/equip.  Are we missing something?  Do others get this and how do you remove it?  

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Yes. It seems like it manufactures water. I believe those few times that you get water in the boat from the reasons that you stated, it gets trapped outside the stringers. As you drive and stop the boat the water works it’s way around the stringers into the storage compartment. I also believe this is the lowest point in the boat.

The drain you mentioned is below the bottom of the cooler and drains into the bilge; however, the drain plug is too far off of the floor to do any good. 

I leave the rubber mat out so I can see when it has water in it and use an absorbent drying towel to dry it out. 

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Thanks.  I did search the forum before posting and read a ton of old posts around the topic, but no real conclusions on a "fix".  Just wanted to make sure we weren't missing something specific to TXi vs other models.

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I keep the plug in the locker because water from the bilge area will flow into the locker , but not out.  Rain, waves over the bow, and dripping skiers is the other way water gets in mine.

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Make sure the bow eye is tight and sealed. When I sacked out my 07 21LSV, I noticed water coming in from the front. It was only when I was sacked out, and idling at slow speeds. I finally concluded it was because the boat was pushing water against the bow eye while under way. 

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