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A-series dash speakers to replace heater vent covers


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I have a 2014 A24 without the heater option. On the dash there are two round covers where the heaters would be, had that option been selected. 
I have a 6-speaker wetsounts system (3 pairs of 6.5”) and a 12” aftermarket sub under the helm. I found that while driving I couldn’t hear the music unless I cranked the volume till everyone else was miserable. The windshield stops the bow speakers from being heard and the other 2 pairs are behind me, and they sound kinda dull while cruising. It just wasn’t enjoyable straining to hear the dope tunes as the captain, so I wanted to install 2 speakers in the dash where those heater covers were just waiting space. 
I decided on Pyle 4” waterproof speakers because of the decent reviews, super low price point (under $20 a pair) and the near-perfect size. I also ordered 50’ of 14 gauge marine speaker wire and heat-shrink couplers. 

4 Inch Dual Marine Speakers -... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001ES8X9M?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

InstallGear 14 Gauge Tinned https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZZFYX9F?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share 

250pcs Heat Shrink Wire... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01D3B4QHU?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share 

I first removed the heater covers. There are 2 nuts holding them to the dash. I removed 2 with just my fingers, and the other 2 I got off with a 3/8” socket. Very easy so far. 
I cut the 14 gauge wire in half (2 25’ sections) and prepped the ends. Strip the casings, exposing about 1/2” of the wire and twist it up tight. Then crimp and heat-seal 2 quick connectors to one end (this will connect to the speaker itself) leaving the other end just exposed raw wire.

I then opened up my amp to see the existing connections. I found which speaker wires were going to the bow speakers (best to tie into that pair for balancing, volume and equalizing options) and hooked up the exposed wire to the amp, literally just sharing the same terminal as the bow speakers. I don’t think this will affect the impedance which is all I’m worried about. 
I ran the wires from the amp (under the glove box) through the bow area (just tucked it up above the carpeted storage area) to the dash holes. BTW, “dash-hole” is my new boat-wad term.  Public domain so toss that phrase around!   Connect the quick connectors to the speaker terminals and install each one in its respective hole. I used 3 screws (left, right and bottom), leaving the top of each speaker unsecured. I had some weather stripping that I used to fill the small gap between the top of the speaker and the dash. It would have probably been fine without it, but definitely better with it. 
thats it!  It was a 3 hour project from unbox to first song. The system needs some balancing and fade adjustments but I won’t have any issues hearing the tunes next weekend. 
I know I should clean up the wires and ideally install another amp but this was a low budget project Primarily to test the dash speaker placement theory.  For about $75 total it was well worth the time and materials and it would be an easy upgrade if I decide to get another amp or better speakers. 
Hope this helps someone who has the same problem I did. 





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6 hours ago, granddaddy55 said:

thats awesome!!!, but my wife luv’s our heater

Well of course.  If the first owner of this boat had the heater option installed, these speakers wouldn't have been possible!  

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