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ACME 2249 vs 3093


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I got a new prop this weekend and thought I would share the results with others.  I went from the stock 2249 (15x14.25) to the 3093 (15x12.5) after consulting with ACME on what to get.  The summary is my surfing RPM increased by 100 RPM across the board and my unloaded top speed dropped by 2 MPH.


Here is my surfing set up:

2017 T23

Hard ballast tanks full

825# bags each rear locker

Plug-n-play under bow full

200# lead under bow

650# bag over the bow

500# of humans

1000ft elevation


I tested and recorded a bunch of different speed & RPMs while surfing but across the board it was generally a 100 RPM increase.


No wedge, No surf gate, 11.0 MPH

3500 RPM 2249

3600 RPM 3093


No wedge, surf gate, 11.0 MPH

3550 RPM 2249

3650 RPM 3093


Wedge, surf gate, 11.0 MPH

3750 RPM 2249

3800 RPM 3093


Top speed: no ballast, 200# lead in bow and 500# of humans

35 MPH @ 5600 RPM 2249

33 MPH @ 5600 RPM 3093 (I stopped at 5600 RPM)


I could not get to 5600 RPM (max RPM) with the wedge and the surf gate with the old or new prop.  4600 RPM was all I could get to at WOT in this configuration with the 3093.  I wanted to test this to see if I am killing my engine by overloading it with the wedge down, which I guess I am.  The wave is definitely more steep with the wedge down but you can tell you are working the engine a lot harder.  The wave is awesome without the wedge down do I will continue to run in that configuration.  I was originally concerned I was decreasing the pitch too much with the 3093 but based on the results I am glad I did and I am happy with the 3093.

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