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2020 lsv stereo problem


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Tower speakers kick on and off at half volume, but not down low. Also in boats will quit occasionally at half volume. Amp lights stay on when this occurs. I checked all the connections and grounds. Is there some connections under the dash I need to check? Dealer is not sure about this, since it doesn’t always do it.

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Back in the day, in my jeep, i had a factory deck feeding an amplifier for a sub.  I tapped/split the rear speaker wires into a line converter (turning them into RCAs) to feed the sub input channel.  Once i hit a certain volume, the sub would clip and cur out.  It almost sounds like your amps are doing the same thing.  Could the black box be over-driving the output, clipping and then cutting out?

Seems like the DSP is cool/neat/great in concept....but causes more a$$pain in reality?

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So, dealer has no idea what is wrong. Checked al the connections, only shuts down when the boat is running. Amps don’t shut off, but music does if you turn it up. Doesn’t matter if it’s Bluetooth or aux. checked all power and ground connections. Any ideas?

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33 minutes ago, granddaddy55 said:

do the lights on amps change colors ? from blue/purple to red/orange when it happens

Yes.  They do change colors.  Blue is normal.  Mine went from blue, cycling into purple and then red, and then back to blue.  I went through all kinds of issues with the stereo.

For the sound cutting in and out (discussed above)... I also had my tower speakers popping periodically and not having any sound at times.  The dealer replaced the black box after looking for loose connectors (when Mailbu kept telling them to look for loose pins in a connector).  This fixed that issue.

For the amp changing colors, I thought the same as stated above, clipping.  The amp got replaced and I have had no issues since.

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I do not have a 2020, but I recently replaced my Rockford Amp with a new Wetsounds amp. I was having the exact same problems as @surfdude. After we went through all the connections, we decided to swap out the amp. It completely fixed the problem. 

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Mine is both the inboat and the tower speakers turning off if the volume is up. Sometimes it’s just the towers, sometimes it’s both, really frustrating. Wish they would send me a new black box to try!

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