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Bought My First Boat (and Malibu)!!!

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Hello All,

Happy to officially be apart of the malibu crew!! Yesterday we purchased a 2020 23MXZ and we are in love with it, this weekend cant come fast enough!! It has 4 rev10's and throws a huge wave!

A couple questions:

  • we noticed that the port wave seemed slightly less impressive than the starboard side, any tips on where to put lead to improve this?
  • i've heard that putting 200lbs on lead in the anchor locker makes a big difference, what exactly does this do? 
  • it seems that the seadek material had a few water stains in it from rain/whatever else, how could i get these out?

Please offer any advice for a new boat/malibu owner....from cleaning/wave tips/must-haves/etc. It is very much appreciated.


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Congrats! We need photos!  A few answers:

1) prop rotation causes this, very normal.  Lots of threads on there about optimizing waves but the goofy/Starboard wave will always be slightly better (you noted port wave was better but I am guessing you had the backwards.)  Play around with ballast and you will find your sweet spot. Takes a little tuning with each new boat.

2) makes the wave longer and gives it more push, lowers the bow a bit and the motor will run at lower RPMs... yes.. they boats like a little extra weight up front (or empty a little from the back.)  23MXZ shouldn't need as much as an LSV.

3) EAsy to clean... that is what is so great about that material.  dish soap (Dawn) works great.

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Welcome to the crew and congrats on your boat purchase!  You will enjoy it!

For starters, are you running additional ballast in the rear for plug n play?  This will help your wave plus the use of the wedge.  Lead up front helps to lengthen the wave.

To get the stains out, try dawn dish soap and water with a brush.

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On my 23lsv, settings for port side wave are the following:

-All ballast full except starboard side at 75%

-Wedge @ 3

- 11.2 mph

-1 person sitting in the bow (or 150 - 200 lbs lead in the bow


-All ballast full

-Wedge @ 2

-11.0 mph

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Please, I mean no specific offence to you at all with this comment, but please, please, please don't be one of the guys with a brand new killer boat in the category of yours that is obviously driving his first boat. Those guys are really making us look bad. Actually create no wake in the no wake zones, and no surfing where you will damage other boats that are tied up together and other people's stuff on the docks. 

It is really an epidemic on the lake I frequent. Truthfully, it's most common with the MasterCraft brand. However, to the pontooners, we're all the same guy. The last guy was a new MC digging a 9mph hole in a no-wake marina with a boat full of 9-11 yr olds, blasting more bad language and n-worded music than any teenager would have the guts to play. Clearly when he dropped his $200k, it included ownership of the entire lake.

Again, I'm sure you're not the guy I'm talking about since you chose a Malibu, and all Malibu brethren are cool. Just had to let this one out in case someone else sees it! 

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