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On the water help any thoughts


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Well we are out on Medina lake and all was well and engine got real rough and lost power then died. It starts up but isles really rough and if you give it to much power it it kills the engine. 

temp normal

oil level normal

trans and v drive level normal

oil pressure normal 50psi

changed the oil 3 boat hrs ago. 

let me see see if I can insert the video 

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What year and motor?

How long since the last tune-up?

I wish I could help but battling the almost the exact same situation and can't find a solution.

My distributor cap was badly corroded and I thought it was the problem but sadly it was not. If you have the tools maybe you could check that.

Good luck and hope you can get it fixed on the water.

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2006 23 LSV 

340 monsoon 

new distributor cap and rotor last year along with spark plugs and wires 


last year I was chasing a hard start problem that turned out to be the battery cables being 2awg but before figure that out changed out all the typical stuff also changed out the thing that the single wire from the distributor pack goes to I forget the name. coil pack ?

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I changed the Ignition Module with Coil that’s what it was. 

there is some knocking that starts to happen if you listen closely. 

then when engine does there is a whinnying noise that you can hear that winds down for about 10 seconds. 

I originally thought damper plate failure as it’s a 06 and has 700 hrs but not sure why that would kill the engine. 

Engine seems to be starving for gas but starts right up. 

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If your 2006 is similar to my 2008 the fuel filters are in the tank on the bottom of the fuel pump module.

I connected a fuel pressure gauge to the schrader valve on the fuel rail and then used the pressure relief on the gauge to draw a sample of the fuel and check for water. On mine the scharader valve was tucked under the intake plenum and I ended up removing the plenum and then re-installing.

I had to remove the curved section of the seat base to remove the fuel pump module.

Never anything easy.

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The 06 the fuel filter is about a foot from the tank easy to change the filter. 

what’s interesting is I would think it would have a fuel water separator but I don’t think it does. 

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Also it started this morning perfectly fine.  And ran and started roughly 8 times (we were jumping on some cliffs so I had to start and stop it a bunch to move the boat ) this morning no problems.  Ran about 45 min. 

then when I pulled my daughter up on the wakeboard she rode for about 5 min and then that’s when it started immediately. 

only reason I bring that up is maybe if there was water in the tank those first 45 min I was running the fuel in the fuel lines and It took that amount of time to get some water in the lines?

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Another 2006 with cap and rotor problems. I'm telling you guys, that flat dist. cap sucks. Lots of bad caps out there.

Check for bright consistant spark. If you don't see it, replace the cap.

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@BearCreekBum sorry its been a busy couple days. 

I went to mechanic and he pulled gas from fuel rail that looked good. 

then he got a timing light and hooked it up to ignition coil and it was good then he started attaching it to the plugs and first 3 plugs either weren’t firing or fired oddly 


he had a shop distributor cap and rotar and we swapped them out and boom fired right up and purrrred. 

he wanted to keep his old shop cap and rotar so we put mine back on till I could get a new one and it didn’t fire up. 

I replaced it Thursday with a new one and ran it on the river for about 20 min and all is well 

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