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2006 247 Alternator Noise in Stereo


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Hi guys. New here. Just picked up a 2006 sunscape 247 that will be a project for us this winter as it has no ballast or pumps or anything and we like to wakesurf, past boats were 2002 nautique 210 and 2006 Mastercraft x2. Boat has a tower and a decent stereo, just replaced head unit with a fusion ms-ra70 to upgrade to Bluetooth and this radio as well as the past unit has feedback in the speakers that are running off one of the amps. 

ive cleaned all grounds at battery, at boat, and when i disconnect alternator it goes away when running, only happens when boat is running. 

im seeing a few options on noise filters. It before I pull trigger wondering if anyone had this issue and if they were able to track it down or what products they used to fix it. 

thanks for your help! 

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1 hour ago, Adam247 said:

this radio as well as the past unit has feedback in the speakers that are running off one of the amps.

This is usually a result of amps an head unit not all sharing the same battery voltage reference. Noise filters are typically band-aids. 

1 hour ago, Adam247 said:

and when i disconnect alternator it goes away when running,

I hope it was not the output supply cable disconnected when running. With no load, the alternator will go into overdrive charging wise, and can burn up and short order.  

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Run a dedicated ground for the amps and the head unit.  Do not use the factory ground points.  High end stereo systems have a dedicated ground loop to isolate any noise.  Most of the noise issues I have dealt with are due to gound issues like shared grounds.  You cleaned the ground points but did you trace the wire to the unit looking for a frayed or pinched wire?  This could cause a bad ground.  

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31 minutes ago, Adam247 said:

Where do you recommend i run the grounds? currently running to battery

power and grounds to separate dist/connection blocks on amp board powered and grounded to non house battery , but many times folks still use a switch on dash that is  still grounded to dash and it will still make noise.  power to distribution/connection block should have a 250amp inline fuse 

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I prefer to connect my main amp ground direct to the battery ground. If the boat has a dual bank setup, either battery is fine. I go with which ever yields the shortest cable, first if the batteries are spread apart. Then whichever battery has fewer cables on it If the batteries are close together. If there are too many cables, a remote ground stud/BUS bar can be used to relocate some of those off the battery ground post. 

Main B+ trunk line should have proper circuit protection at its point of termination,  that is based on potential current draw, cable gauge and length. I do not see the details in this thread, for that to be calculated. A 250A would support a substantial system. 

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