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Hull Drain Plugs - T Handle - Tips for easy removal?

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Ok, I guess this is going to sound like I am weak AF...maybe true, but often when I go to tighten the T plugs I always say, "Just get it nice and snug, but don't over tighten".  However, at the end of the day on the lake, I often times have a difficult time removing them, because they are so tight.  Again, maybe I just have weak grip strength, but I sometimes have to get a mallet and give it a little "tap" on the handle to release.

Other than putting a little WD-40 or lithium spray on prior, anyone have a suggestion on more easily removing (short of putting vise grip on it to get some leverage)?


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5 hours ago, Eagleboy99 said:

Teflon tape.  Also, your T-handle should have flats just above the threads.  A nice  open end wrench is the trick (1/2"?)


You sir, are correct....thanks!

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I have a T handle plug in the center of the hull and one by the V drive. Since the center plug is the low spot in the boat, it’s the only one I remove. 

My issue is that between the ballast and bilge pumps in there, I have a hard time getting my hand in. No way I could get a mallet, wrench or purse in there. 

If you’re having trouble getting it out, don’t tighten it as much.  Other than access, it shouldn’t be that hard. 

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I use a main water valve shut off tool from the hardware store to take out difficult belly plugs.  It is about 24 inches long with a U shaped socket on one end and a long T handle at the other end.

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12 hours ago, RyanB said:

No way I could get a mallet, wrench or purse in there. 

Come on, the tiny purse will fit.  Perhaps it's the fear of breaking a nail?


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