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2019 mxz 22 wake issues


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Hey everyone, I have searched a while on the forum but maybe I’m not putting in the correct key words.


i have a new 2019 mxz22 with the 409 and high altitude prop and the underwater exhaust turndown pipe (surf exhaust)

just finished break in.  My problem is the wake at wakeboard slow speeds and even up to 22 sometimes is really washed out on the left side wake. I assume from prop wash but not sure. I mean with just me in the boat running down the lake it looks like hell as well.  Even if I add some ballast to the left side it still looks terrible. I mean for beginners this is really a problem. 

is this normal?? Or something wrong with my particular boat.


its terrible and I’m worried.  

only good wake is at 22 fully loaded with pnp and all stock ballast filled.


ill try and get pics soon

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Your boat is fine, I have a 17 22mxz and it will do the same. I run an extra 100-150 lead under the port side bench seat. My batteries are also under port side passenger seat. Did they move the batteries to the bow in 18 or 19? If so you'll need that weight back on the port side also where the batteries use to be. When I bought my 18 T22 and the batteries were relocated to bow the first thing I noticed right off the trailer was the boat felt a bit listed on the starboard side which is the heavier side of the boat, that extra 100lbs of batteries makes a big difference. The first thing I did with the T22 was add 100lbs lead in the exact location of were the batteries use to be. That cleaned everything up for me.......we only wakeboard.

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My 2 batteries are under the port side seat along with the amps for the stereo being on that left wall inside the compartment.


my worry is I have had people in the boat and it didn’t seem to clean up at all without fulling loading it down and speeding it up

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And thank you all for the replies. I will absolutely upload pics when I get the boat out later this week. Just scares me because of the amount of money this thing costs - you would think it would t be so hard.  Id like to have even wakes with no ballast at all and maybe just the wedge. So when I’m teaching- I’m not drowning people when they slip off the huge wake.



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2 hours ago, Barefooter77 said:

Everything is factory

My boat doesn't have surf pipe and I know of a guy who was having the same issues you are with a 24mxz with factory surf pipe, he removed it and put a turn down pipe and his issue was gone. Maybe that surfpipe is causing your issues to. I would still try putting 100-150 of lead under the port side bench seat.

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I have a 24 MXZ, and it sounds like the same issue.  I just sold my 2012 MXZ, which had a perfect wake (for wakeboarding) nearly all the time - hardly even seemed to matter how many people / where they were seated (within reason).  But now the 24 MXZ always seems to be washed out consistently on the drivers side (I assume that's "right" side?? - sorry for my ignorance on that!).  I've tried to empty some of the rear passenger side ballast, and it helps a bit.  The other day I had a 135 lb woman move from one side of the boat to the other, then plop down in the middle of the back row seats, and it helped!!!  I was absolutely shocked by this!!  I don't think I ever asked any woman to move on my old 2012 MXZ - only 135 lbs!!  Can someone explain again where I should put extra lead / weight?  I guess I can change out the surfpipe for a turndown exhaust (not sure the difference to be honest!)

Another ask - anyone know how to get a good, clean, but small wake for my 8 year old just starting to WB?  I start with the WB Beginner setting and slow to 17.2 currently, but can't keep both sides of the wake clean.  Tried using the wedge, but no luck.  Suggestions?

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Speed has a lot to do with it.  About all you can do is play with your weight front to back and even up the wakes with rear bags.  Walking that speed up to 18 will help.

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