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Steady Pass - Alternative to Perfect Pass install and review

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I posted this on Teamtalk, so figured I would also post my experience here for anyone wondering about this system.

First I will start with the install (will add some pictures later). For someone that has never messed with ANY type of speed control system, I could see how the initial instructions are slightly confusing if you don't actually understand how these products work. Basically you get the bezel/gauge that has wire leads to your servo. On this system, the servo cable installs in parallel with the existing throttle cable. Servo connects to carb, existing throttle cable connects to servo via linkage. You pull the throttle as normal, but when speed is reached, the servo motor actuates outward (rather than inward like Perfect Pass) to create slack and reduce RPMs until target speed is reached. Simple.

-First thing I did was take apart my dash to remove the OE gauge that was broken already. To install it into place, I did have to sand down the outside of the Steady Pass module. No big deal, it was just too tight of fit at first. Connections were simple, one wire to tach, one to hot, one to ground, done.

-Wire in GPS puck and air temp thermometer. I chose to drill holes in my dash and run the puck just in front of the the instrument cluster and expose it to the outside. Apparently this isn't always necessary, but I wanted the connection to satellite to happen as fast as possible. So drill a small hole, hold down puck with hook and loop. Easy.

-Run servo wires from GPS gauge to engine. The way the kits come, the servo wires are extremely thin and no shielding or protection is provided of any kind. I chose to purchase some 1/2" flexible conduit the run the wires inside of.

-Install servo motor. This is going to give the common Crew member the most heartache. The servo assembly is essentially a PVC tube with wire on one end and cable coming out of the other. Packaging is decision to be made by the installer, I chose to utilize the coil bracketry. Is this the best place for the servo tube? I'm not sure, I'm not 100% comfortable with the placement as I am not privy to the NVH of this area under normal load. Basically am I risking damage to the coil itself or just the little bracket? Not sure. Anyway, I did modify the wire end of PVC tube to accept my 1/2" conduit. The stock provided end posed as a chaffing/cut risk to the servo wires.

-Install servo cable to carb. I moved the existing throttle linkage as far back as possible, but still had to make my own L-bracket to attach the servo to the OE throttle cable.

Review of actual system while running.

Overall, I am pleased with the performance & so is my wife. I'm not a tournament level skier, but depending on roughness of water, this thing will hold speed +/- 0.5 on smoother water all day and maybe more variation when rougher, and this is JUST fine for me. She is able to hammer down, and not even look at the speed. I wanted to be critical of this system and really tell the pros and cons, but honestly, what are the cons? It does exactly what I expect it to do and I recommend it to anyone that doesn't want to drop $12-1500 on Stargazer. To me, I did not feel that spending more than half the cost of my entire S&S just to get a speed control system was worth it. $400 on this system, its a steal in my opinion.

Additionally, the support from their team is nice. They are there to answer any questions & provide free software updates whenever they come out with one. I felt like I went into this similar to how an investor gives money to a tech start-up company - taking a chance on something relatively unproven. The steadypass people are aware of their current packaging 'shortcomings' if you even want to call them that, and seem to be continually improving the product. Like I said, if you are on the fence about speed control because of price/don't think the ol' S&S is worthy of Stargazer, are not a tournament level skier, give this a serious look. As long as the system reasonably holds up to use, I think I will be very pleased in the long run on this product.

Heres the thread to teamtalk to see pictures. I dont know how to post them on this site. https://teamtalk.mastercraft.com/showthread.php?t=105148

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