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Diagnostic Code SPN 65610 FMI 2


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Had our first problem with the Indmar 350 Monsoon (Mefi 6) in our 2013 A22 this spring.  It has hybrid controls with a mechanical connection to the transmission and drive-by-wire throttle control.  Put it to bed in good working order but on first startup this year it threw SPN 65610 FMI 2 "Throttle Position (TP) Sensor 1 and 2 Data Erratic, Intermittent or Incorrect".  The engine goes into limp mode and will not accept throttle input.  It starts and idles just fine.

I was fortunate enough to borrow a new throttle body and bolted it up thinking that would solve the problem.  It didnt.  Had the code cleared using Diacom.  Code comes back.  I've tested the circuit as best I can for continuity and or shorts.  It checks out.

Apparently the code is also related to problems with the Pedal Position Sensor on the throttle assembly.  Diacom showed incorrect voltages on potentiometers 1 and 2.  Switched it out for a new throttle assembly.  Apparently the $150 potentiometer is not available separately! Code still comes back.

So two questions.  Do I have to clear the code with Diacom before I can see if the new throttle assembly corrected the issue?  I get conflicting info from the interwebs and mechanics.  Second what the hell do I do next?



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I had this same issue in my 2011 23lsv Indmar 350. I don't recall the exact code but it was related to the throttle position sensor. Started and Idled fine but would go into limp mode, I have the ZF Ski Command Throttle, i ordered a new old stock sensor off of ebay, installed it and everything works great,  going on 2 years since replacement.  https://www.ebay.com/itm/CTS-P-N-503-06656-Potentiometer-Pedal-Position-Sensor-PPS-/193506413330?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10


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Thanks for the reply.  Ive replaced both the TPS and the PPS.  Code still remains.  Its either wiring or the ecu at this point.

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11 hours ago, Technicallyabu said:

Thanks for the reply.  Ive replaced both the TPS and the PPS.  Code still remains.  Its either wiring or the ecu at this point.

That signal no doubt goes through the Cannon plug.  Pull it and gently spread the male contacts.

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All the plugs looks good, so do grounds. I ended up getting the pin layout from Indmar. I checked continuity from the plugs that connect to the tps and pps to the plugs that go into the ecu. All around 1.3 ohms. Its still a mystery. 

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Having exactly the same problem with a 2013 Malibu Mxz. At first it was intermittent now I have no throttle at all. Tried a different throttle off of a friends boat and it worked for a day or so. Dealer put a new throttle on 11 months ago and says it had a 30 day warranty, pretty good business, offer 30 day warranty on $1000 dollar throttle then just offer to put on a new one every year. Its a 2019 dated Livorsi throttle on it. 

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I think in this case I would figure out which version of MEFI ECM I have and download the service manual for it.  The diagnostic procedures are generally very complete.

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Having the MEFI manual and pin layout is a must.  A TechMate diagnostic scan tool or Diacom Marine software is also very helpful if not mandatory.

Using the MEFI manual, pin layout and a multimeter I narrowed my problem down to the ECU.  I was skeptical of my diagnosis and brought it to a reputable dealer to confirm.  They did some diagnostics and ended up installed a new ECU and the problem is gone.  Uncertain of the cause but it could have been winter temperatures and thermal stress in the ECU or high voltage that caused a short.  Extremely frustrating issue.  

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Troubleshooting can be a real test of mechanical and code/software skills, wow. Sounds like this may help a number of folks. It would be cool to have the skills to plop an ECU on a laptop and not only monitor but make fine tune adjustments.

Steve B. 

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