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Sdx2 amp settings help for a pair of rev10's


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I just installed two rev10s with an sdx2 amp. It was a package deal to buy together. I've adjusted some dials on the amp but I'm wondering if someone else has the same setup and can post a picture of how all the adjustment dials are set. I'm new to this and don't want to break anything.

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Personally, here is where I would start....

A) Spec sheet for these speakers say they range down to 20hz. So, you have 2 options  Option 1 is to set switch B to Full and see if you like the overall output of a full range signal coming from the speaker.    If you get to the end of the setup (and test the overall sound quality) and you feel like the speakers are distorting and dont like the lower freqs from these speakers, you can go with option 2.  Option 2 is to set switch B to High and set this dial to the 60 mark.  From there, you can play with turning it down if you want eliminate more of the low freq audio from those speakers.  Having no experience with your speakers, i do not know how well they will like playing the low end freqs.

B) Set to Full or High....based on above option choice.

C) start at mid range.  This will all depend on how you can control audio levels.  If your HU has zone controls, you can set this more towards 3/4 and control volume at the HU.  If you do not have zone controls, you will need to find the right balance of this setting in conjunction with the rest of your sound system and what YOU want the levels to be at.  Its unlikely you will want to run full gain if you dont have a distortion meter to verify its a clean signal when turned all the way up.  More often than not, distortion kills speakers more often than too much power.

D) Stereo

E) your color flavor

F & G) doent matter.  Since you are not using switch B in the Low mode and those should me bypassed.  You could set them full counter clockwise if you want to play it safe

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80-100 hrtz is where you want to be.  I wouldn't trust the marking on the amp and would tune with a test sound and a multimeter.  You can find instructions on the interwebs on how to set your gain and cross over.

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