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I have been "mooching" off friends and family and talking about buying for the last probably 3 years. This spring, after months of looking, finally wrote the check and dove head first into ownership. Even though prices seemed to be abnormally crazy this spring, I found what I was looking for and bought a loaded, previous owner demo, 2013 LSV a couple weeks ago. I say purchased, but what I really did was rescue this poor thing from an abusive home. I found a gentleman who didn't quite know what he had and got a steal of a deal. I knew to some degree it was in need some TLC but it may have been a bit more neglected than I thought. It has only 202 hrs on it so I am fairly certain the bones are good, I am just having quite a bit of odds and ends that are needing to be repaired. I am looking for some insight on the issues below. I worked at a Malibu dealership in the summers through college, detailing and doing simple maintenance, so I would like to do as much as I can myself to save the coin. As well as saving the labor costs, none of the shops close to me can get it in until mid July. Not surprising but would still like to have it rocking sooner than later.


1.) Equip with all four MLS tanks as well as rear P&P, center fill pump is not responding at all. This pump is crazy hard to get to and I'm wondering how to replace the cartridge. Where do I splice/plug in the new pump cartridge? The display for this tank is also reading funky, sometimes it will say it has water in it and sometimes it won't.

2.) The PW will sometimes send an error of either being unbalanced or the STBD actuator is faulting out but will also work perfectly other times. Are these easy to change out and should I do both if I'm doing one?

3.) While surfing or cruising, "automatic bilge activated" warning keeps coming up. When I stop and look to see if their is water in the bilge, it is bone dry. Is there possibly a sensor that needs to be replaced?

4.) I feel the boat is wandering when cruising. When cruising around the lake 20-25 mph, I am constantly steering back and forth to keep it on a strait line. It can also be felt down at surfing speeds but more evident at higher speeds.

I'm not against bringing it to a Bu dealer, I know a couple around but I don't want to have it sitting at the dealer for 2+ weeks in the middle of summer as they are not the longest up here anyway. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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