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MIL Service Engine Soon — Again

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Out yesterday having a blast. Filled up all the ballast had maybe a little extra weight in the boat than last time... maybe 400-500 extra people weight than I have had in it normally. Filled all the ballast.... rear 750’s + hard tanks + center + bow. + 150 walkway brick. Surf wave was dialed. I get out there to ride last. We had been surfing a while. I drop and my buddy says it’s beeping again service engine soon and the engine is at 177temp. I have the 2015 PCM T22. I had to take it to the dealer over winter to get it reflashed per the common sensor issue from last year but it was doing it all the time at idle... zero issues since reflash until yesterday. We let it sit, started it up it went way. My buddy rode a set wakeboarding... then I got out there... on my last pull starts flashing again, kills my cruise. My buddy stops, I get in and start boat temp is at like 182 maybe a bit higher service engine soon starts flashing. I let it sit... restart put it in idle temp immediate starts dropping all the way back down to 158. We ride in like normal at normal/moderate speed. Could I have sucked something up? Could the pressure from my bags be pushing the plastic walls in against the motor getting hot? When we were wakeboarding we had dropped the rear 750’s down to about 200’s. 


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Do you have the sea strainer on your water pickup line?  If so, did you check the cartridge?  I don't know what waters are like around you but here in Missouri, everything is flooded which puts a lot of debris in the water and we have to check our strainer after each outing mostly due to pine needles.  If you don't have the strainer, then you need to shut the valve to close the fresh water from coming in, disconnect the hose that runs to the impeller and disconnect the hose that is connected to your thru hull water pickup.  Take a garden hose and insert on the impeller end of the hose and this will flush it out.  

The manual has a pretty good diagram for this.  I would also check the impeller and if it hasn't been changed in a couple years, replace it.  We have had to do this multiple times on 15s, 16s and a 2012 TXI.  Now we all run sea strainers like this. https://www.bakesonline.com/indmar-sea-strainer-flush-kit.html?ff=1&fp=1641&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2u-p-pby6QIVEfDACh0v5QwBEAQYASABEgJoQPD_BwE

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PCM engines seem to eat impellers quicker than other engines. Sounds like it is going into limp mode to prevent over heating. I’d double check and most likely just replace the impeller. I bet it’s worn.

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