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Input on buying an Axis tomorrow please!

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It’s been awhile.  I got our 2006 MWS VLX in Oct. 2005. We have put nearly 3,000 hours on it. 2 years ago we threw a rod.  We had a rebuilt engine put in locally and it runs great. It was custom in that it was properly balanced before install.  But we are in lake Powell and had some trip ending problems that involve an Alternator, low batteries, starter and new starter that will not turn over. We short the post to force the starter but it just spins and will not activate. New starter same deal.  

We almost sold the boat and started looking at the new Axis boats.  Instead we did the new engine and a $7,000 new upholstery and it looks fantastic but now we need to save this trip so we are going to still fix the Malibu but going to buy a new Axis like we planned and sell the Malibu once the alternator issues are fixed

So which model Axis do you recommend?  We surf, wakeboard, ski and air Chair.  Some tubing. We usually have 11 in the Malibu but with 5 married couples and 11 grandchildren we probably need a bigger boat. We know a friend who got a great deal from the boat show for a 2020 A22 and it was $87K before taxes. No lie. So for that price I would do an A22. But thinking about the A24 so we can take more people

please help I don’t know much about these Axis boats 

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A24, especially since you mentioned Powell. The 17” prop and 2:1 trans will help at higher elevation. Might also look at used Malibu 25 lsv. With how big your crew is, I’d be looking for a 25’er. 

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:plus1:Used 25 LSV!  It seems like you may have a lot of people. On that boat we consistently have 7-9 and have extra room.

If you want new, drop by the dealer and sit in an a22 and an a24 to see the difference, imagining all your family seated and moving about, switching riders, going in the cooler, getting the anchor out, wanting to sit in a reclined seat, etc. 

Also look at the T23. That extra 1.5 feet makes it feel quite a bit bigger. The A22 is really the perfect boat overall, but with the number of people you are taking, it may get cramped.

Here’s the catch with the A24. IMO the A24 needs an update bad. The styling interior and exterior of the A22 blows it away. For that reason maybe wait and see to when the next big change will come. Might hold up on resale more.

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