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2008 Malibu VLX Optional Bow Ballast Tank


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I couldn't find anything that specifically addresses making changes or repairs to the bow tank. My dad has a used 2008 Malibu VLX that does not have the optional integrated bow ballast tank. We currently use a sac up front with about 400 lbs which makes a pretty nice wake. The issue is that it takes away the use of the front seats. Whoever originally bought the boat didnt get the integrated bow tank, so now I am wondering if we can install something aftermarket that would function similarly and free up our seating?

The boat is basically undriveable without the weight up there and bobs up and down if it isnt weighted properly so it really is necessary to have it. Has anyone ever had to replace or repair the bow tank who can explain how we might put something in aftermarket? My dad seems to think that it is sealed off and we couldn't get to it now, but how would people service it if something broke? Is there some panel or easy way that we could remove to gain access to the space that the tank would have been in?

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What does it look like under your floor cousins?  Is there a removable panel or solid floor?  If it is a solid floor you are screwed.  My LSV has a removable floor panel in the bow that covers the bow tank. to access it I just remove the seats and then the carpeted panel.  The bow on my boat the tank sits into a molded recess.  If yours is solid You would need to cut an access and then make a support for a bag not an easy job or cheap.  On the flip side you can just put 4 people in the bow!

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I have a 2007 VLX and added a bow tank last year.  Like ZIppymbr mentioned, whether you are able to add a tank easily depends on if the frame that your bow seating sits on is removable.  Mine were screwed into the floor and easily removable.  I contacted Bakes about the tank and they said that it had to come from the manufacturer and contacted Malibu for me and arranged for delivery.  The guys at Bakes were also super helpful with getting all the components needed for the install.  Hopefully they are still making these tanks on demand or have one laying around that you can pick up.

By the way, if you wind up doing the install, there is a really good step by step write-up, including parts list, by liljohn that was invaluable..I did find that some of my wiring was a little different than what he posted  (colors differed) and you can find my post about that towards the end of the thread.


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