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Your thoughts on pricing on boats....

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Hello everyone, I am new to the wake world and am looking to purchase a boat. I am having a hard time getting an idea of how much wake surf boats cost, and came across a 2014/2015 wake ski AXIS T22 for $50k - Seats 14.  Is this a good deal? How much do these run? Any help would be very much appreciated. 😊

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Need more details, there are many that are very good at knowledge in this area, but you are talking 2 different brands.  Malibu or Axis, and which model, engine, other details needed.

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Shows you how much I know. It’s a Axis t22. Seats 14. It’s a 2014-2015.

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cant add much without more details on options, but last year at this time i sold a 2017 A20 with a good number of options checked for 55, so first impression is that is overpriced.

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Just my $.02,  for a '14,  condition, and how it has been maintained is at least as important as the list of features/options.     A well maintained boat will treat you well for years to come, one that has been beaten may cost your a lot of money after the purchase.    Ask for maintenance records.    I know there is lots of debate of the importance of break in, but Im a big fan of following the procedure to the letter (for my 2017 VLX, first 10 engine hours were not under heavy load, first three were under 3K RPM).    Those first 10 hours were pure torture for me, but it was an investment in the long term reliability of the boat IMHO). 

My guess is a 14 probably is still the original owner... I would ask lots of questions about things like that.   In my experience, just like cars, an owner who takes care of the boat will not take a lot of prompting to tell you about it... they tend to be proud of  doing it, and will tell you all you want to know and more.

On general price, NADA will give you an IDEA of a nominal price, but it seems like there are pretty wide swings that are regional, and condition based.

You can also look for price points on onlyinboards.com.   They are only anecdotal, but it will give you an idea.

Good luck! 

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Engine hours is a major factor, as are the features. Power wedge is also huge. Look at the details of how the vinyl looks etc. 

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4 minutes ago, Pnwrider said:

Not offered on Axis until 2018 MY. 

Oops that’s why I was looking at 2018 and newer Axis before I found my girl. Forgot. 

Off topic but the 2019 Axis A22 is one of the sexiest boats on the water! White with blue OMG. @boardjnky4 has the best one I’ve seen. Such a sweet ride. 

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