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Coast Guard Placard?

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Hey all,

Have a '93 Echelon open bow for the last five years that's in great shape considering it's age.  My issue is that I can't find the Coast Guard placard located anywhere in the boat or any evidence that it was ever present.  Any good leads on how I might get a replacement or the 'so what' factor of not having one.  I haven't been inspected on the water, but presume they'd raise an eyebrow not seeing the placard.

Thanks for your time

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At least here as long as you are sober, have the correct number of lifejackets/throwable devices, fire extinguisher and noise making device your good. Never had anyone check for a coast guard plaque. Would suspect it would only come into play if there was a question of whether you boat was overloaded.

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What he said.  If the ranger is in a bad mood and thinks the number of people is over the limit, he then can say so.  As a general rule, I don't think you will have a problem unless it is wall to wall people in the boat on a lake with heavy waves and it really does look like you are unsafe.  How many people are you looking at carrying in that little boat?  

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Thanks for the quick responses - yes always hoping for rangers to be in good mood, but planning for the worst… rule of thumb here on the upper Mississippi river is they'll get you for something no matter how well prepared and I figured that to be a technicality at least and i'm curious what the placard says anyway.  It has seating for 7 if you put three across the rear bench and two in the front.  Typically some kids in the mix too.

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3 minutes ago, footndale said:

20' or over, the placard doesn't mean much, unless the state law says they follow it.

Not even required to have on on 20ft or over.  But his boat is 19ft 6" ;)

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26 minutes ago, oldjeep said:

Not even required to have on on 20ft or over.  But his boat is 19ft 6" ;)

With or without platform?

Brochure says 20', so go with that.

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