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Need help

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I have a 2005 wakesetter 23 lsv that runs great when first started.  We ran it for over two hours before coming back in for a lunch break.  After about 30-45 mins we tried to go back out, but the engine would not turn over. It cranked and acted like it wanted to start, but just wouldn't turn over. It did this to me back to back days. Any thoughts or pointers would be greatly appreciated.  

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Not sure what year they went to fuel pumps inside the fuel tank, but if you've got the one on the engine block then you've probably got vapor lock.  This drove me completely nuts and I tried a few things before finally fixing it.  There are a few that have had luck with other options, but IMHO the only permanent fix is adding the secondary pump.  The pump is only 6psi, but it keeps head pressure on the primary pumps so that the warm fuel won't vaporize as easily  and allowing it to prime. 

There is a kit you can buy, but if you're even just slightly handy you can pull it off DIY style.  The pump is around $70 or so and with some hardware (hose barbs and hose clamps) I was all in for $90 when I did mine a few years ago.  You'll have to swap the barbs since the pump comes with 1/4" and my fuel hose was 1/2".

I just tapped into the power plug that went to the fuel pump and wired it in parallel.  I cut the hose between the fuel pump and the fuel tank and added the secondary pump in between.  Lots of places you could mount it, but I added it to my oil filter relocation and fuel filter addition.  Once it is in, it's all automatic and you'll start every time.  I wish I had done it sooner.



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I second what formulaben said. Had the same issue myself. A trick if you are stuck on the water is to dip up lake water or have cold bottled water and pour it on fuel pump for a minute . That helps. Once fuel gets going through the pump without air then it should be back good till next time. I used formula’s advice and been running a couple years now without issue in that regard. I read about those external fuel pumps with rail buggies. Explanation was that they pump well but don’t pull well. Anything can upset them like age, old fuel hose, too much filter, all sorts of variables. Good practice with those would be to gravity feed them, but you can’t do that in a boat. Fire hazards and spillage hazard. All this is assuming you have an MPI engine which you Most likely do, and the other factor of a clogged fuel filter or clogged pump inlet screen has been checked. Still sounds like the vapor lock. This is vapor lock of the pump only. Causes it’s pull to loose prime and you get bubbles. Lots of air bubbles. 

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I tried every trick in the book on my 06 VLX to cure this issue. After 2 years of fighting it, I finally did the Low pressure pump addition and never had another issue. I could get it started 90% of the time by squirting cold color water on it, but every once in a while nothing worked but full cool down cycle.

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Thanks guys.  This helps a lot.  I did contact the dealer we purchased the boat from and they think the fuel pump might be going out.  I'll run it again this weekend and see what happens.

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6 minutes ago, CoryS said:

they think the fuel pump might be going out.

Don't let the dealer play whack-a-mole (part swap) on this; the fuel pump is easy to test.  Your situation sounds ot me like classic vapour lock due to heat soak.  Dying fuel pump is very different.

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