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Sweet Spot for Used LSV

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I am looking for a used Malibu 23 LSV and I am only considering 2013 and up for surf system.  Is there a year model where the changes are worth the money to upgrade for.  Hypothetical a 2013 boat for 70 vs a 2016 for 80 but the newer boat is worth the money because of x changes.  Supra boats example is a SA series 2016 the hull was changed, so before 2016 the older hull is not as deep and not as good for surfing.  We will surf 90% plus of the time, so wakeboard wake is not important to my family. I am not really asking price more year model with important features just don’t know the Malibu boats that well.  

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2014 has an updated hull, but a less desirable dash.

2015 has a MUCH better dash.  

I'm happy with everything about my boat except the screens.  Bad design, hard to see what you want to see, and notorious for delamanation.

And, as an aside, if I were you I would look at a 25LSV as well.  Not a lot more $ but it is a lot more boat.

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Thank you Ryan B.  I really appreciate the info and I am not opposed to a bigger boat.  All my experience has been on boats 22 or 23 and I have ridden a lot of different brands and various levels stock to dialed in.  Great info on the hulls and Dash changes.  

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2016 adds the raptor engine. 2017 addresses a lot of the noise issues from the engine with thicker materials to deaden the sound from the engine box. They also split the computer from the multifunction display so either are a lot cheaper to replace and both last a lot longer. It’s my favorite year for the 23LSV. About the only down side to that year is the Wetsounds stereo. The speakers are great but plan on dumping all the amps if you like loud. 

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