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Latest generation 23 LSV (2018-2021) wakeboard speed/wedge/ballast setups

Doc Martin

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There are countless great threads on surf setups on this board but there is not much on wakeboard setups. We took delivery of a 2020 LSV last August but have struggled with getting a great wakeboard wake.  Boat is factory set up with all Hard ballast and rear plug and play as well latest PW. We Upgraded from a 21 VLX where we could really dial it in at 21.5 mph. I am interested in gathering what other people are using for their Ideal wakeboarding set up.  Please comment on speed, wedge, ballast, and rope length for these latest generation boats.  Also what do you like for beginner setup vs intermediate/expert? We realize that with these boats there is never one size fits all, but the factory settings come preloaded are not ideal. We look forward to the responses and thanks!

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Doc, I was looking through this forum for the same info. I upgraded from an older LSV to a 2020 25. I am having trouble getting a smooth wake wake while riding at a slower speed for my boys. they ride at 21'. I have put 350# of lead on the port side to help balance, but my wave is still washed out. I move people to that side and it still is hard to get set up. 

Open to any suggestions. 

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I have also had to put a little ballast on the port side to smooth out the ramp. But I can’t get the kind of ramp I was expecting from this new 23LSV like I could get out of my 21VLX. On the surf side of things, the wave is ridiculous but was hoping more folks would chime in with their current wakeboarding set ups.

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Doesn’t seem to be much action with this thread. What I will say is that our boat paddle wheel and it’s GPS pickup were very disjointed. I needed to change the trim on the paddlewheel up by 0.1 and now the wakespeeds are correct. This might explain why I was having difficulty creating a ramp at my normal wakeboard speeds

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I have a 2019 23 LSV and I am still playing with the wake setup.  Right now speaking with the dealer I run 50 - 75 % in the rear and that includes PNP.  100% in the middle and 100% in the front.  Wedge setting I play with anywhere between 3 - 5.  Speed is around 21.5 - 22.  I like to warm up sometimes with the wedge at 3 for a smaller wake and then work up to 5.  I'll update if I find better settings in the next few weeks. 

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Hey all- noticing there’s not much advice on wakeboard settings either. Mostly surf. I’m having an issue right now. I want to ride the biggest wake possible on my 2016 LSV and I’m having an issue where the boat will power down. I’ll set it at 100% ballast (all tanks), and wedge around 3-5. Always 3 people , sometimes 6 (having the same issue regardless of # of people on the boat). When this happens, the boat will slow to 6mph and will not rev higher than 3k rpms. Shift to neutral and try again , no luck. The only solve I’ve found is turning the boat off and on 2-3 times. The engine is not over heating and the oil pressure is not a concern. I believe it’s the computer falsely reading the the boat is pushing too hard. Has anyone experienced this issue? Please advise. Thank you. 

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