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Battery Switch Thoughts?

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Hello, recently bought a 2011 Malibu 23lsv late last fall.  Still new to this and figuring things out but when I bought the boat it was recommended to me that I never leave the battery switch on 1 or 2 when I store the boat or the battery selected will die.  (Attached link is a picture of the battery switch.)  This means every time I launch I have to reset the clock and radio presets.  Not a big deal but I've recently developed issues with my power wedge not working properly.  If my wedge starts at the top in the full stow position and I move it down to a 45 degree angle on the screen, the actual wedge is already down at a full 90 degree.  I've tested this multiple times while the boat is on the trailer (did the ole flick the paddle wheel trick) and essentially the actual wedge moves faster than what the computer screen shows.

I searched the forum and learned about how I can recalibrate my wedge through my maliview screen and I plan on doing so.  However, one of the main issues was when turning the battery switch off it states I'll have to recalibrate my wedge every single time.  This is more of hassle than radio presets.  I started to think about this and wondered if I could leave the battery switch on either 1 or 2 so that wedge stays calibrated along with radio/time.  I have an external trickle charger that I use to charge the batteries during the winter but there is no onboard trickle charger.  My thought was just like a car, when you turn the key off, leave it, and let it sit; it holds the time and radio information so when you restart you're good to go.  Wouldn't this still apply to a boat?  As long as I turn off the power button can I still leave the battery switch turned on so that when I restart the boat, everything will still be preset?

Any help is appreciated.


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Yes, it's true that it's like a car.  If you leave the switch actively on a single or 1+2 batteries it will hold settings.  


How long are you between uses?  It's true that a battery can be drained over time but won't happen in a week.  I don't worry unless it's going to be a number of weeks between uses.  Then if it's multiple weeks I leave the radio off for the first few surf sets or higher rpm cruising to let the batteries recharge.  If it's over a month between uses then maybe go to all off and figure it's like getting the boat ready in spring.

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