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New Bu to Me

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Just purchased my first wakeboat & sold my old I/O :) Wanted to just give thanks to this community, as it was a very helpful resource in researching my purchase of an 07' VLX w/MLS. 

First question: 

Knowing I do have the factory ballast w/ bow ballast. I am going to be getting my feet wet with surfing, along with my 8 & 13 year old sons. I know additional ballast will help, along with a wake shape attachment long term. 

Factory setup as first timers for surfing, are we going to be good starting out factory & then getting some additional weights after advancing? Or would the additional weight and wake shaper make it easier to learn?

Thx in advance! 

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The wake shaper will definitely make it easier to learn, and it will be more fun.

The additional weight might be able to wait some time; - the first upgrade you'll want is piggybacks for the rear.

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Agreed.  Everyone used to heavily list boats to one side to get a wave but now I would basically consider the wakeshaper the first step to get a wave.   You will end up wanting both ballast and the shaper ultimately but if you are trying to control spend, go with the shaper and then invite some friends for ballast initially.

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FWIW, I have an '06 Sunscape.  Same basic hull as yours, except mine is the "diamond" version (IMHO, at surfing speeds, there is negligible difference).  With no built-in ballast (Sunscapes, unlike Wakesetters, came without), though, I use Fly High Fat Sacs to surf, along with a NautiCurl, and, in my case, the manual wedge.

I started out surfing with this boat 10 yrs ago by listing it to the surf side with a 750 lbs sac in the rear storage, a 400 on the rear/side surf-side seat, and a 400 in the bow. 

I have discovered that with the NautiCurl, I'm still better off listing (although, to be fair, with a bunch more ballast, maybe it wouldn't be necessary). 

Regardless of what you decide to do for now, you will almost certainly end up with additional ballast and a wake shaper.  You and your kids can certainly learn how best to get up on the surfboard, which sides, respectively, you all will want to surf, and how to maneuver yourselves into the pocket, with what you have now.  But, I doubt that you are going to be able to "surf," as opposed to riding the surfboard while the boat is pulling you, without the extras.

Congratulations on the purchase!  I, too, came from an I/O.  Have never looked back.


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Thanks ya'll! Sounds like I'll start with the shaper & feel it out from there. Our maiden voyage will be next weekend and cant come soon enough! 

I'm sure weekend 1 will be well spent learning the driving transition from our I/O. 

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