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2019 24 MXZ Question for experts - Engine Air Sound

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I just had the first day on the new 2019 24 MXZ.  The engine has 2.5 hours and doing the break period.   There is an air sucking sound at 2500 RMP plus that started about an hour after the driving the boat.  There is an single air release sound when the engine shuts off that started the same as well.   (The air release sound didn't happen the first few times I turned off the boat)

Any thoughts on the cause of this appreciated.   I'll be contacting the dealership, but it is far away and was hoping it was something more simple to fix.   Thanks! 

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Thanks - I'll check it out.  The sound is more of a puff of air when the engine turns off.  Like a compression release.  

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@BurghMalibu - interesting sound, could it be a pressure release from the fuel rail?  I suggest you get closer and hone in on exactly the source location.  You might need a stethoscope to confirm.  If you find its the engine somewhere, rather than a dealership call, my suggestion would be direct to engine marinizer source (Malibu), and in my experience, they can be very helpful.

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^ X 2. Also, get a video of it happening at RPM's. First thing to check is make sure the flame arrestor is sealed up nice. Usually with a hose clamp.

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Thanks for the help!   I'll call Malibu and see if they can help.  I'm worried it is a gasket leak on the intake manifold.  The sucking air sound is about 3500 to 4500 RMP, then when the engine turns off the last second it does the air release sound. 

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If the intake gasket was sucking air you most likely would get some codes. Lean codes. MasterCraft MCX makes a whistling sound at certain RPM's, it's the intake/flame arrestor. Check your flame arrestor !

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It ended up being a vacuum line was disconnected near the air filter just in case anyone else has the same issue.   

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