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2006 23 LSV tower speaker questions


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So got a few questions as I try to piece together a tower speaker setup. Just a heads up I’m not super technical on stereo setups. I know a little and have been reading a bunch of forums so I’m learning but not a expert or even mid level with my knowledge. I got 5 little kids and don’t post up and play my music as loud as possible for hours on end. Just looking for a setup that I can hear while I wakeboard. 

current system I have 2 kicker KX 350.7 60 watts RMS x 4 channel amps.

1 amp pushes my 6 Exile SX65M I’m boat speakers 





The other amp Is split between  my sub (I don’t know what it is or the watts it can handle if this is needed for proper setup I can take it apart and figure it out) 

the other Channels go to my tower speakers. When I bought the boat it had 4 6.5” kicker KS65 4ohm speakers installed. 

I have a really good friend that put 4 new REV 8s on his 2015 24MXZ and he let me borrow 2 of his old tower speakers to test them out. 

I think they are Icon 8s but maybe not?  They were original to the boat but he can’t remember what they are (See pictures below)






I was hoping that these 8” speakers would be a big upgrade for wakeboarding and I wouldn’t have to get into the REV series (lost my job a couple weeks back so it has put my boat spending on Hold). But when I rode yesterday I was underwhelmed. Yes it seemed better than the 4 6.5” speakers I had before but It’s still lacking juice to really get to me when I was riding. I could hear them but it was definitely a slight strain to hear all the words. 

I have the gain turned all the way up (which I had to keep it half way when I had the old speakers up to prevent distortion) on the channels for the tower speakers and they sound great in the boat but so do my in boat speakers. 

Question is are these ICON 8’s or a older speaker and pretty much maxed out and no matter the amp won’t ever be a decent wakeboard speaker? Or Can they handle more juice and if I give them more juice That should get me decent wakeboard sound. 


once again I’m not looking for sound like I am riding in the boat but looking to hear the songs / words easily so I can enjoy the music while I ride. 

thanks for the input and suggestions. If the answer is I’m gonna need to go to Rev 8’s or 10’s then I guess it will be another year riding in slight silence 😂. No worries as riding is fun either way. 

FYI I have a FAE so that helps as well 😁

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Icons are more of a surf speaker, but with a good amp supplying enough wattage they are very good speakers.  Mine are plenty loud enough for our boat, but at wake distances there not the best.  

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A pair of horn loaded compression drivers is going to be the most efficient means to get that wake range projection. Even then, they will need sufficient wattage, Even dedicated one of those 4 channels amps just to a pair of towers speakers, you are still on the low end of what most HLCDs deserve. 

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