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Temp Stick - Anybody Used?


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So I am looking for a way to monitor engine compartment temperature because we put the boat in at the cabin shortly after ice out and take it out in mid to late October - in Northern Wisconsin.  I put a bilge heater in (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MEMRGZE/) but am never sure about the GFI power circuit on the dock.  Lift is within WiFi range and router is on an APC backup so that is a pretty reliable link to the net/smartphone.

Does anyone have experience with Temp Stick?  It runs on 2 AA batteries and claims good WiFi range.  https://tempstick.com/common-questions/

This Spring is really cold in my neighborhood!

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On 5/10/2020 at 8:02 PM, Eagleboy99 said:

That is a crazy price!  Look at https://wirelesstag.net/  I use a lot of them, including bilge monitor and drift alarm.

You've started me down the rat hole of possibilities... curse you! lol

Do you use these at all to detect motion events?  I have a MyQ garage door sensor setup that has been less than reliable at monitoring condition of the garage doors.  Since the motion sensors are compass-based (not accelerometer), I'm wondering if they have a high false positive rate.  I want to be able to trigger hassio integrations both on state change and state over time.  I.E.  Turn on the overhead garage lights when garage goes from "closed" to "open" or send me a push notification if my garage door has been open for more than 30 minutes after dark.

Home Automation Server rocks and I have tons of integrations, but this is new...  So far I've only ordered the base station and a PIR sensor for my front office.

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My better half cringes with all the IoT stuff I have.  But she has really taken to the Lenovo smart clok - except I think she is jealous when it (the clock) calls me by name.  LOL

Yeah, I have all the doors at the lake home monitored and use IFTTT to control Globe Suite smart lamps (another rabbit hole for you!  https://globe-electric.com/en/home/) Plus the WT app gives me notifications, etc.  I have yet to connect it to my Google Home devices, but that is on the to-do list.  The motion control works well BTW.  The only downside is  the battery life needs to be managed.  For the garage door, I'd use Wirelesstag's KUMO sensor (I use one with an external DS18200B stainless probe to track the hot tub temperatures. I need help. )

Oh, the motion sensor does not false much at all.  Especially if they are fixed to the door.  The Kumo has never given a false reading in either temp mode or as a contact open/close.

"Here at TMC, we are happy to help you spend your money." (tm)


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If you really wanna get nuts, go with Home Assistant for your automations.  I don't care for IFTTT due to the lack of conditional programming, the ability to have multiple triggers, etc.  https://www.home-assistant.io/  Plus, it's faster than IFTTT because you can do local things via API so even if your internet is down, you can have it do stuff like turn on lights, etc.

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The options!  Thanks for the input.

I have a commercial security system that does not depend on the net or land line and a thermostat that is adjustable/ programmable over the net so I'm kind of set for those, besides I don't really trust "home automation.  Paranoid about privacy I guess.

The Wireless Tag system looks pretty good for what I want for the bilge and hot tub.  80 degrees here next week so next Fall perhaps.


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2 hours ago, Eagleboy99 said:

The bilge alarm doubles as my drift alarm (moored offshore).


How do you place the WT tag in your hot tub and keep the tub-cover seal?

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