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Prop option for 01 ss lxi

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Hi guys- I have an 01 sunsetter lxi that I bought three years ago.  It’s been a great boat- had 260 hours on it, one owner, all original.  We live in the mountains at 7000 ft, so the local season is short, but we make the most of it!  Most of my buddies have surf boats, so my dd is a perfect complement. 
 Question is:  boat had a 13 x11.5 Cnc three blade prop on it when I bought it, and came with a (I think) older oj 13x13 four blade prop.  I’ve never tried the four blade, but we’re heading to Powell (3600 ft) in a couple of weeks and I’m curious what the difference would be.   With the three blade there boat does fine, both at Powell and here,  but what would the four blade do for me?  We ski, wakeboard, and foil with the boat btw.





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The 4 blade will not have the holeshot or get nearly the WOT RPM of the 3 blade at those elevations.  Personally, I'd part with the 4 blade and pick up a spare 653 or 525 for Powell.  653 is the same diameter and pitch as the 525 but with less cup.  Run the 525 at Powell and the 653 at 7k' maybe... or just leave well enough alone.  :)


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Thanks UW- so it sounds like having the 653 on the boat when I bought it was good fortune.  I had a feeling that was the case.  So is the 4 blade OJ prop from before the time of CNC machining? One of these days I'll put it on just to check it out.  But days on the water are precious!


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515 is a fine prop.  It's what I run on my boat, but I run at lower elevation and my boat is lighter than yours.  You'll definitely lose holeshot and your engine may not be able to achieve the desired WOT RPM range (presumably you have the Monsoon).  With the 515 at 1500' and two adults aboard, I get right around 4950-5000 RPM WOT out of my Monsoon.  Desired WOT RPM for that engine is 4600-5200 RPM.

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