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Accessory and/or MUX Issues

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2009 wakesetter having accessory and/or MUX issues.  Lights turn off without me hitting MUX switch; when I turn them on, they go off again.   Sometimes my bilge pump will go on by itself, and lately my power wedge will drop on it own without me touching MUX switch.   Bilge pump and lights are on left front MUX, power wedge is on right front MUX so I don't think the switches have issues.  Has my computer gone haywire,  any ideas?????

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I would check your common ground under the dash, then do a hard reset by disconnecting and reconnecting the batteries. I would also check the battery charge as well. The dash needs a solid 12v for things to work properly. My 2010 was finicky with low voltage.

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I am heading to the lake this weekend, I will disconnect the batteries to do a reset although they are pretty new, I think I have enough charge.  I know where the main ground is attached to the engine block, what is the common ground attached to under the dash?  Should I check to see if it is loose?  Thank you for the input.

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I checked the common ground block under the dash.  All terminations were tight and block looked very clean (no corrosion of any kind).  I did battery reset and checked battery.  Both batteries were at 12.5 volts on multi-meter.  Turned on batteries and power wedge went down again.  I did it multiple times and I would say it moved on its own 3 out of 10-12 times after turning on battery.  I think my wedge problem is different from other issues.  I think it is the right MUX as the LCD above wedge down is often messed up.  Sometimes it is blank, other times it is showing but looks on like I am pressing button.  I guess I will switch out right MUX but I hate guessing at over $300 for MUX switch?  Does anyone have any other ideas?

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i had some weird issues like that a few years back on my 08 MUX controller and it was caused by rain/moisture getting inside the unit for my situation.  Just so happens when rain hits the bimini top, it drops straight down onto the right MUX controller.  Unfortunately yes it was $350 I believe.  If you checked all the grounds and have solid power, then I'm not sure what else it can be other than a MUX going bad.

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Thank you  for the input, I will order a new MUX and see what happens.  I will post results but from other comments on this site I believe it takes a few weeks to get a new MUX now.

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