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Cleaning black tower


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Hi guys, new to the forum and had a question for everyone. We upgraded this last fall to a 2019 T22 and have only ever had older boats that have towers made out of different material. What do you recommend using to clean the tower on these new boats? The dealer told us to just use soap and water but there are certain spots that just don't seem to want to go away. Would love to hear what everyone else uses! Sorry if there is another thread on this already, I couldn't find it by searching. Thanks so much!

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Dish soap and water with a micro fiber to wash it. Some of the off color spots you see on the black are god knows what on top of or underneath the black coating that will not come off no matter how hard you try. I have had 2 black towers so far and I have just learned to live with it. For fixing scratches I have found the Rustoleum spray on truck bed liner to be a good match. I shoot some in the cap and Q tip the color on to the affected area.

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the bugs and bug waste  get cooked on when sitting in driveway till next day to be cleaned,  wet rag when not still cooking in sun and some finger nail agitation ususlly get it done or itjust takes more time and effort when sunny and hot  ,  you can also use non ammonia window cleaner and a wet rag, but then you may need to rinse and using that in hot sun maybe counterproductive unless very wet rag rinse snd scrub.  i will have to try microfiber but most terry cloth towels snd rags do fine 

Soap on top of wrinkle black cooked on bugs probably isn't that effective,  basically takes lots of moisture and agitation ,  i wipe with wet rag snd usually need to do it at beginning and end of cleaning job,  the bugs often need multiple wettings

if your not dealing with bugs snd just dirt,  then water or soap and water should do fine

once i vacuum the Bimini boot i sometimes wipe that with a damp cloth,  not as much moisture you need on the tower

Bug snd bug waste should be your only real issue

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If the black is a rough surface or matte finish,  be careful not to get wax on it. It won't come off.

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Thank you guys! I will try those things, it's been driving me crazy so I'm glad to hear i'm not the only one, guess I will just have to live with the few spots that don't seem to want to go away!

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Try Superclean, too. We have a white tower and it shows everything (looks sweet when clean though). Superclean removes even the most difficult marks, etc. Think I picked up a bottle at local auto parts store. I usually follow up using Superclean with a wet washcloth to remove any leftover cleaner (don't trust leaving anything on the white).

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