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2004 Wakesetter Trailer Brakes


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I recently purchased a 2004 Wakesetter with Dorsey Tandum trailer equipped with brakes but the brakes are not working, quickly realized the trailer plug was only 4 prong which does not the operate brakes? Am I missing something here or has this trailer been rewired without the brakes...?

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The brakes most likely are not electronic but hydraulic. The fifth wire is still needed to override them when backing so they don't lock up.

Being on 04 I bet a previous owner has disabled the brakes rather than repairing them. For instance mine were dragging so I just removed the calipers since I don't really need them anyways for the 2 mile trip to the ramp.

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the 5th prong is to disable the brakes when you are backing up.   They must have rewired the plug for whatever vehicle they had.  But they should still work going forward.    There is a manual lock out too for reverse - check to see that is not on. 

You probably need to bleed the brakes - they tend to get air in them.   When I did mine a few years ago i took off the bleeder at each wheel and cleaned them so they were not plugged or the pin hole wasn't rusted shut.  Then bleed them farthest to closest. 

One easy way to see if the brakes have air in them is to push on the tongues actuator and if you can compress it by hand it needs bled.

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do you have a swing tongue on that trailer?  If so, swing it open and look at the backside of what should be a UFP A-60 hydraulic actuator that controls your brake system.  on the very back of the A-60 (closest end to you if you swung it open and looking from the backside), you should see a little solenoid with a blue wire coming off of it.  Follow that blue wire and find out where it went.  If it has been snipped/re-wired without it, you will need to buy a 5 pronger and re-wire that blue wire back in.

If your trailer brakes aren't working, that blue wire is just for the reverse lockout solenoid.  Your brakes should still work with or without that 5th plug.  As Pablo said, willing to bet you have no fluid in your master cylinder and you will need to bleed your lines.  plenty of literature on youtube about bleeding trailer disk brakes, especially involving UFP system which I believe Dorsey had. (or most)

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