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!994 Malibu Echelon LX dead dash switches

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Hello all, my 94 Echelon Lx was running great last time out,had a problem with my left speakers. When I got it home, checked it out qa couple of days later and saw the connector was off, re-attached, turned the stereo on and it worked great. Checked out that the sub and all speakers were working,all good. Turned the switch off on the dash for stereo,turned off my Ipod and called it good. The next day went to check my tach out,have had some problems with it not showing correct RPM and also mu perfect pass is on the ground post and it flashes on and off at times,was told by them bad ground. Was going to replace it,went into the storage area and flipeed the light switch and... nothing! All the dash switches are dead,when I turn the key nothing,just kinda hear a pop,any idea what is going on,? Battery seemed like it had drained some,even though brand new,charged up,still dead switches,need some ideas what is going on,thanks!


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That's a lot there, but I'll ignore the speaker issue for now, as it isn't directly related to DC power.  A few questions:

  • Do you have a battery (master) switch? 
  • If yes, did you turn it off, or was it left on?
  • What is the charge of the battery right now?  If you have a charger, put it on right now either way...

If the battery was new and/or charged and you left the battery switch on (assuming one is installed) then you of course have a power drain somewhere...might be obvious (any accessory switch left on, etc.) or not so obvious (stereo memory or amps inadvertently powered on, nav lights on but retracted) but either way you won't be able to troubleshoot it without battery power, so put a quality charger on it to begin with. 

Yes, the PP issue is a known issue so regardless of how this issue ends up you'll want to clean and tighten ALL your grounds coming off the grounding block if you haven't done that recently.


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