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Malibu VTX surf settings

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We just bought a 2011 Malibu VTX and wanted some thoughts on how to set the ballasts and speed to deliver the best surfing wake.  We use a Mission Delta device to help create the wave as well.  Thanks for your input.

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This is our set up and how we ride with our 07 vtx. Center tank full, rear locker full (1100 sac), rear hard tank full, Power wedge full down, side fat sac under seat 250lb, Speed at 9.6-9.8 and we use the swell wakesurf device. Wave is huge!  Hope that helps. 

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Mine is a 2013 with surfgate but you will need some bow weight for sure. I have a 650 pound triangle bag up front not quite full. Both rear 550's full. If the wife is surfing no wedge as she is small. For me 6'3 and 225, I have wedge all way down then back up about 2 clicks. Since there is only wife and me a lot of times I have 300 lbs of lead wake bags under observers' seat. Plenty of wave. enjoy!! 

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In the 2013 VTX, the only function of the bow ballast is to flatten the boat for slalom skiing.  We've done extensive testing on this. Even though filling the front ballast tank flattens the boat and makes it easier for the driver to see while surfing, it makes the wake smaller and less surf able (smaller sweet spot). So filling the front ballast tank makes the wake smaller for both water skiing (very desirable) and for surfing (undesirable.). For surfing you definitely want as much weight as possible in the back and on the corner your're surfing from.  This is consistent with other related posts.  We tend to surf at 10.4 mph.

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I have a 2014 VTX, and as you can see lots of opinions on setup. I fill all four hard tanks and a 600lb sac in the rear port storage ares about 3/4 full. I lower the wedge about 2/3 and have a great wake with just my wife and I in the boat. Add more people and its awesome.  Oh and my speed is set for 10.8.  Try them all and see what works best for you.

Have fun

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We had a 2011 vtx until last year. We ran full MLS ballast, (all 4 tanks), 400 each locker, 800 on the floor in the walkway, normal crew of 4-5, and a nauticurl wake shaper. Wedge about 1/3 up from full deployed. We usually ran around 10.8-11 mph.  If we had a big crew, like 10 adults, it was even better. 

Running full of people and ballast, we had to be super careful about how we encountered any wakes.

The gauge for the wedge, showing ramp is really that, the wedge full down is not as steep a ramp, but if it is all the way at max ramp,  the wave gets very tall, but you have to be closer to the boat. As what we found was that wedge setting provided the best balance between ramp, push and pocket length.

Few pics, for reference

My son, at setting described he's about 5'6" and 100 lbs, little dark sorry.


One of our ski partners, 1st time out surfing, he is 6'2" and probably 225 lbs wedge is full down if i remember correctly, it was also choppy at the time.


And our ski partner's 19yo son, he is also about 6'2" . Also his first time surfing, so wedge all the way down.


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