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Looking for ideas for aftermarket sub for 25 lsv


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Looking at ordering a 25 lsv without the tower speakers and sub. Seems like the exile or wet sounds are the goto for tower speakers.

Wondering what you guys have done with your 23 or 25 for subs. I would like to put 2 10's or 2 12's. Thanks for your time.

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I would install the largest subwoofer/enclosure that the under-helm space will allow with the most power that is safe for that particular subwoofer. My recommendation is to use the single best location. You can certainly get 'more' bass with a second subwoofer in a secondary location, but the quality of bass may dip. A lot will depend on your personal objectives, if 'more' is the prime goal versus your intolerance for a more drone-sounding bass. My recommendation might limit you to a single 12" in a sealed enclosure. A couple of iron rules you can bank on. The first/best location is the most productive - and the investment applied to the second location will 'add to' but will not be quite as productive. The most efficient method of producing more bass will be more radiating surface, so bigger is better (whether larger or in multiples). The second and less-efficient means is via more excursion, which requires a specific woofer and requires more amplifier power.

Consider a JL Audio 12W6 driven by a MV/1000/1 amplifier.       

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Thank you for the detailed reply. Do you know the Dimensions?  Hoping to squeeze a 13 JL down there .

if not which exact model of the 12w6 do suggest?

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3 hours ago, BrianC said:

Thank you for the detailed reply. Do you know the Dimensions?  Hoping to squeeze a 13 JL down there .

if not which exact model of the 12w6 do suggest?

If a 13.5" would fit that would be the ultimate. Although I would definitely exclude the shallow mount versions in an open boat. In the two 13.5" deep versions, a W7 and W3, the required enclosure displacement increases substantially versus the 12W6 so I'm not optimistic.

The 12W6 has one dual 4-ohm voice coil version, so a net 2-ohm load in parallel.

Btw, I had recommended an amplifier that exceeds the rated thermal limit of the subwoofer. One reason is that the amplifier power is rated with a 14.4V supply, a supply level you'll likely never have, thus actual power will be somewhat lower. In any case, the 1000 watts would be both beneficial and safe if you're taking advantage of the full peak power but driving the amplifier unclipped. The real danger is when over-driving the amplifier, which pushes it into a higher level of average power. Full power without power compression sounds 'taut'. The early signs of over-driving sounds 'muddy'. So what power is and is not safe depends a lot on the user. If you're prone to over-driving then you stick with an amplifier that's within the subwoofer's thermal range.      

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